2024 *Waitlist* UChicago RD

This thread is for waitlisted applicants for the 2024 cycle only.

I wonder how many people in total got waitlisted this year and in past years? It seems like UChicago always waitlists a lot of people…

Somebody say something…

I got waitlisted. Somewhere said 400-600 students usually got waitlisted, I don’t know the accuracy of that statement

Hmmm I wonder how many percent of students usually get admitted from UChicago’s waitlist.

I am not a waitlisted student, but I read online on quora that about 400-600 are waitlisted with 3% of acceptance rate.
So roughly 12-18 will join from this list.

@curiousboy178 That’s even more insane than what I expected

Waitlisted and surprised… just because I thought I would get rejected right away. Should I be hopeful to get admitted from the waitlist?

It’s better to keep your hopes down so that you don’t get heartbroken.

I wouldn’t say keep your hopes down ? First of all, we should all be proud that we got this far, since many others get flat out rejected. UChicago is a difficult school to get into so I see waitlist as a good thing. But I also wouldn’t expect anything out of it—don’t expect to be rejected again OR accepted. Just join the waitlist if you’re still interested in the school and then forget about it. Forgetting is healthier than beating yourself up about it, in my opinion.
Personally I was ecstatic when I found out I was waitlisted lol


yeah i was happy that mine wasn’t a straight rejection too.
but rumor has it that uchicago waitlists a TON of people
that’s what worries me
that being waitlisted doesnt really imply my competitiveness

it’s not worth pursuing waitlist, acceptance rate is way too low

I’m just so amazed that I didn’t get straight-out rejected. I suddenly felt like applying at the end of January or something, and I submitted my app around a month later than the deadline. My stats are far from impressive, let alone having both SAT and GPA lower than average, and both my essays were drafted in one night and the raw versions were sent. I do want to get accepted so bad, but being waitlisted itself made me so happy haha

Hi everyone. I am an international student waitlisted from 4 schools, including UChicago. I don’t really hope to be accepted from the waitlist, but we’ll see. Totally agree with @cherryboyy that we should better join the waitlist and forget about it.

Hi everyone. I got an email today from my local admission officer after my letter of continued interest and he says he wants to meet to ‘check in on your waitlist status’. What should I expect and should I prepare for it like an interview? HELP PLEASE!!!

I personally wouldn’t approach it as an interview. Just be yourself and explain why you really want to be a part of UChicago as that tends to be the best mode of approach

@Bobbybuilder123 are you in the Chicago area?

OMG I GOT IN!!! but its for the class of 2025

^ They are already Z-listing? I wonder how that compares to prior years? It’s not even the end of March!

Congratulations! May I ask when you sent out the LOCI? You just got admitted 2 hours after the local admission officer replied? That’s so fast omg