2025 Admissions

Does anyone know when LUC starts their rolling admissions notifications?

I spoke with admissions this week with a different question. Told them my daughter would hit send this weekend. They said she should hear back in 4-6 weeks.

My daughter applied almost exactly a year ago, and heard back within 2 weeks. As the parent of a current freshman, I will tell you I am extremely unhappy with my daughter’s decision to go to Loyola. She likes her classes (all virtual) and feels like she made the right choice, but she really wants to be on campus, and communication about plans for second semester has been non-existent.

Has anyone gotten any admission notification yet? I applied in late September but haven’t heard anything back yet, and I know usually they would have started sending decisions out by this point.

Nothing here…we were spoiled by a quick decision from another rolling admissions school!
Just passed the 4 week mark.

Nothing here either. I am surprised as in the past it looks like they came out earlier. Like Cof22mom, spoiled from a quick-rolling admission elsewhere. Hopefully soon.

D21 just checked her portal and it has been updated. Accepted to Nursing w/presidential scholarship. Good luck everyone!


My D21 was also accepted today into the nursing program. Congrats!

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@RachelAC Congratulations to you daughter!

@RachelAC Did your daughter get an email from them alerting them of the status?

@JROBO1 My daughter did not. She just happened to look.

Have not heard anything, applied 10/24. Hoping to hear soon!

@morrismom1 congrats to yours as well! This is getting kind of exciting! :smile:

@JROBO1 no email or snail mail - she logged into her portal the other day to check status and there was an update. Good luck!!!

I got my acceptance letter on Wednesday.
SAT 1530
IB 38/42
22k in merit aid

I got my acceptance 11/16.
SAT: 1530
GPA weighted: 5.14
Presidential scholarship for 25k per year

some of these applicants are super impressive, so i want to share my stats for the ~average~ student (i was accepted this morning!):

  • 3.7 w gpa
    -5 AP classes, 7 honors
    -10 ec’s, 5 leadership positions
  • i didn’t take an SAT
  • i applied poly sci!

Good luck to all the people waiting to hear back!

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@21blue21blue when did you submit your application?

S21 applied 10/25, Accepted 11/18. Biology Major

october 16! i heard back on november 18!

I was accepted on 11/5, 4 days after I submitted my app