2025 Columbia Waitlist Thread

Interesting thought process.

She put it in the Email body.

no news

You will probably hear on Wednesday.

I want to congratulate all who did get accepted off of the waitlist. I just think that we are definitely at the end of the road now. Sigh. There have been some disappointments; however, I hope everyone has other exciting opportunities in the coming year. I am wishing everyone the best :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.



when is the deadline to defer

may 15

They give some late ones I think. Penn was last week

Bad sign now

what was the bad sign?

no news means full

Call? New information about the situation

Friday … no News yet .

Maybe today at 5pm EST? Hope so. I’m just wanting an update about the waitlist at this point. Duke 2025!


1 more hour :slight_smile:

No news

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No emails …

Well, the admission said no later than 6/30/2021 - i guess we still have two weeks to wait…

They can close early. That’s not an absolute date