2025 Columbia Waitlist Thread

Hi all. just wanted to create waitlist thread for those stuck in that boat. Any guesses as to how many Columbia waitlisted?


No clue, but also a waitlisted applicant. Would like to know as well!

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We are in that boat… is there really any hope?

I don’t think they publish waitlist data so no idea really. Looking at this like a soft no lol but you never know! good luck everyone

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Yeah, looks like the waitlist data is not public, but their finalized admit/enroll numbers are available in their common data set… Google search for “columbia common data set” and drill down a couple of links.

From this you can infer how many were accepted off the waitlist. If you can find news articles published on decision date they will report the # accepted. You will see that it’s lower than the finalized numbers in the common data set, while the number of applicants is exactly the same. So, you can conclude that the difference between the finalized accepted # and the initially reported # is how many they admitted from the waitlist. I looked at a few years, and unfortunately the number is in the range of 0 to 100. There is some hope but not much. Anyway, good luck to you all!


Parent here of waitlisted and eager senior!!! Thanks for the information…

I’m a parent also, and we’re in the same boat with my kid… hoping that Columbia way overshot with their yield prediction.

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It seems Columbia waitlisted many more applicants this year

Was it 0 for most years? What was the average figure like?

I’m hoping too but I’m wondering if the number of students who took a gap year for Class of 2024 will just make the numbers even lower :confused:

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I feel like Class of 2025 was truly screwed over this year


The screwed over ones were the students who didn’t fit into Columbia’s diversity objectives. I’ll leave it at that, as I’m bound to trigger some accusations of being an elitist… if you are in an oversubscribed demographic, it’s just a crap shoot, as so many kids look equally qualified on paper.

This is random but does anyone know if Columbia looks at final, end-of-year grade report?

This is also randon, but does anyone know if Columbia is more interested in grade updates or extra Curricular activities on the LOCI?

almost every school requires admitted students to submit end-of-year reports if they decide to attend

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Got update from our guidance counselor that Columbia intends to go to waitlist this year. They would not reveal the extent to which the WL would be used, but 3 other selective schools at which my son was waitlisted gave the same indication. Some more reason for hope. Given the craziness of this year, the movement off the waitlist may extend well into the summer.


Thank you for the update :sob:

Thanks for the update! Does your school have connections with Columbia or something?

It’s a private school with a long history of sending several students to each Ivy every year. The days of them being able to pick up a phone to get a kid off the waitlist are long gone, but they have better access to admissions staff at the ivies than most high schools.

oh wow. render me green with envy

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