2025 Columbia Waitlist Thread

No it’s not a change, but I saw others had theirs as a list reading something different… I can’t remember where I saw a ss of someone else’s portal so I just wanted to make sure… Lol

hey guys! new here! anyone else hate the school they have committed to and getting off Columbia’s waitlist is the only other option??? yea, cause same.

Hey. Sorry to hear that. It has been a tough year. This year’s senior class was bumped out of many of the top schools after working really hard. Where did you commit?

My son is also on the CU waitlist, but we actually love one of the college that he got into. I hope he loves it too, because they gave him a lot of :heartbeat:. But he was also pretty disappointed with things before…

Even if he received an offer from CU, we do not know that he would take it now. I think he/we have lost some interest for the IVYs, given this year’s dismal acceptance rates. Of course it is not their fought, but there are a lot of really great state and private colleges that do not get as much attention, but are just as good at what they do!

I am wishing you the best and I hope that you do get an offer from CU! I am beginning to think that there will be some waitlist movement given that they all probably made offers to the same students. LOL. I am crossing my fingers :crossed_fingers: for you!!

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Thank you so much! I committed to OSU! Honestly, I think I’ll be happy at either at this point!

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Great! OSU is a great university as so many state flagships are… It is not a bad idea to fall in love with the college that embraces you!! I hope CU makes you an offer. They may, since many people will have to make choices based on FA or debt :sweat_smile:. So I hope this all pans out for you! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Hi. My documents and messages tab disappeared. I only have my home tab. Is this happening to everyone?

same! i cant withdraw my application anymore. hm :face_with_monocle:

Withdraw? Could you have withdrawn from the waiting list?

Nah. when i go on my status portal, there’s no button to withdraw my application I mean.

Oh wait it makes sense xD nevermind since I accepted my place on waitlist and the deadline to do was yesterday. so i guess its everyone who accepted place on waitlist.


When I submitted the LOCI, I only received an email confirming an application update. Is that the case for all?


Someone got off the waitlist at Columbia for mechanical engineering

How do you know it

They sent me a screenshot of their acceptance letter in PMs. I don’t have a motive for lying about this, and u can choose whether or not you believe it. I didn’t want to, but the letter is legit.

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Why only engineering?

Because they needed more people for MechE, most likely.

Dear Columbia College,
Please need more PoliSci.


Do you guys know if the admissions process of the college is separate from SEAS (& vice versa), or not?