2040 to 2200, is it possible?

<p>I got a 2040 on May SAT (700 Math, 680 CR, 660 W) but with my low GPA (3.5), I am still pretty borderline for my 1st choice school. This is pretty much my dream school, and I really do not wanna go anywhere else. To take myself off the "bubble", I'd probably have to raise my SAT to a 2200. ACT is not an option; I have put way too much effort into the SAT to give up on it. So now I'm trying to figure out how to raise my score 160 pts. I am almost done with the BB Practice Tests (I have 2 tests left) and I'm afraid I'm going to plateau. I got a 1700 my 1st time and my second time was a 2040. That's a pretty significant increase so I'm not sure if I have anything left in the tank. I plan on retaking in October and may take it again in November and January if I get desperate. I'm a rising HS senior. Right now, this is my plan: </p>

<li>I want to take the summer off as I have a lot of stuff going on right now (Baseball, volunteering, working out, AP Bio and AP Lit summer work) </li>
<li>I want to start back up in August and take those final 2 BB Tests </li>
<li>I plan on retaking a few of my old BB Tests as it has been a while since I last took them. Hopefully it won't seem too familiar! </li>
<li>I currently have Direct Hits Core and I plan on purchasing Direct Hits Toughest in order to improve my Vocab for CR. </li>
<li>I plan on going through my Gruber's and Barron's Math Workbook to improve my Math </li>
<li>I want to improve my Essay from a 9 to a 12 so I will definitely be reading up on that thread at CC (the one about getting a 12 in 10 days or something) </li>
<li>I want to lower my time limits for my practice tests in order to improve my pacing </li>

<p>Does all of this sound good? Can I increase my score 160 pts? hell, I'll settle for a 2150.</p>

<p>I think it depends what your first choice school that you were referring to is.</p>

<p>I say, if you can find an ACT date that doesn't conflict with an SAT you want to take, definitely try the ACT. I have known it to be much easier (though some would argue otherwise...) Either way, it's definitely worth a shot. To give you an example, I got a 35 on the ACT my first try and a 2110 on the SAT my first try. If it does conflict with an SAT date you want to try, then it's up to you; but if it doesn't conflict, I think it would be unwise to not even try... </p>

<p>Plus, the questions in the Reading and and Math sections are pretty similar to the SAT ones, so your studying would help. Plus, there is no vocabulary on the ACT. Plus, there's a science section that some people can ace if they can read and comprehend quickly enough.</p>

<p>Either way, good luck on all of your tests.</p>