20ish Transfer

<p>I got into Mount Holyoke College, George Washington University and Bucknell University. My goal is to major in a language and minor or double major in Physics. My secondary goal is to get into a top graduate school, and then go on to a top law school. I've been told by many people that I should go with the feel of the college. If I go with the feel of the college, I loved the feel of Bucknell. Their career center also sounds very reputable and reliable. I can also envision myself at an all-girls school but it seems like they are more strict with their graduation requirements, and aren't as friendly as Bucknell. GWU was an entirely different atmosphere. I LOVED the city aspect of it, but I hate that the instructors aren't as easily accessible(in my little experience). I hear that all three are great schools, does it really matter? I don't want to make a bad decision. My gut says to go to Bucknell but everything else logical says that the MHC-Amherst-UMASS exchange is the choice I "should" make. Any opinions, feelings, or thoughts welcome.. PLEASE! :)</p>

<p>I'm one to go with my gut reaction, because at times, when I choose not to listen to it, I realize that it wasn't necessarily the choice I wanted to make. And when I do go with my gut reaction, I always tell myself, "this is what you chose, make the most of it." I think having that sense of comfort and security at a school is very important. If you feel that Bucknell is like a home away from home, then I would chose to go there. </p>

<p>Chose the school that you can see yourself at most, because if you are comfortable, the more likely you will be to do great things.</p>

<p>Trust your gut. Your brain has taken in some information that cannot be specifically analyzed intellectually, and has summed it up for you - just like when you step out the door and something indicates that you need to step back inside for that umbrella even though the sky is perfectly clear.</p>

<p>MHC and GW are fine institutions. But there is every possibility that Bucknell is the right one for you. If so, go there and don't look back.</p>

<p>Wishing you all the best.</p>