21/22 Housing

Does anyone want to take a guess when they will decide if the 2nd years will have a two year residency requirement or not?


Unless you’ve heard otherwise from competent authority, you should not assume they will waive the six-quarter residency requirement for the Class of '24. Lottery happens during spring quarter - I think some time in May. You might check in with the housing office at the end of winter quarter and get their thoughts on what will happen in the fall. However, keep in mind that even if they delay any sort of announcement till end of June - similar to what they did last year - that still leaves July - Sept to find off-campus housing. That’s actually plenty of time.

Edit to add: I’m assuming you are referring to next year’s second years, ie Class of '24. If you meant the current 2nd years - Class of '23 - that six quarter residency requirement was suspended. It won’t be reinstated.

Class of '24 will be in campus-housing next year, as confirmed by an e-mail to students from Residential Life. Lottery will take place in spring quarter per usual.

"Room Selection

The annual room selection process “the Lottery” will occur in late Spring Quarter. We are excited to have all rising second year students on campus for next year! Every returning student will have the opportunity to select their room through the myHousing portal, which we have worked to enhance for this year’s process. HRL will provide detailed information throughout the Spring Quarter to make sure everyone can fully participate."

Also, no summer storage which will be a bummer for those first years. Check out collegeboxes.com because we’ve had terrific luck with them now for two of our kids elsewhere and I do believe that they serve the UChicago campus. You set up an online account, order your boxes and pack up - and they do the rest! They pick up, store and drop off. Very convenient! Also, they have excellent customer service. We’ve even used them to store our kids’ stuff while they figure out their post-college housing, and they just ship out when you tell them to. They use FedEx ground shipping which is fast and reasonable.

More about housing this spring:

House Assignments
Housing & Residence Life is also pleased to share that we will be able to offer students the potential to change their housing assignment over spring break. The full details on how to participate in this process can be found on the HRL website along with FAQs. All students presently on-campus or expected to return to campus have received a communication detailing this process.

Relatedly, we wanted to share that we are beginning to hire Resident Assistants for 2021-2022! This is an amazing opportunity for students to develop and hone their leadership skills in our outstanding residential communities. We encourage the class of 2024, who are obliged to live on-campus next year, to take this opportunity to shape the residential experience for their class and the class of 2025. More details about this process will be shared with students this week.

(boldface added to emphasize the 2nd year residency requirement)