2100 sat...waitlisted????

<p>I am furious right now. I don't understand...
Drexel is (was?!) most definitely one of my top choices, and I thought it was a sure-shot.
But...I WAS WAIT LISTED. I hope I don't come off as conceited or arrogant. I just don't understand why!<br>
I showed genuine interest in my essay and was very thoughtful...
My ECs are pretty good, grades on par (decent GPA, about 12 AP classes cumulatively...the rest are honors) . My SAT is decent... 2100 (1450/1600).</p>

<p>I applied to the Architecture program. I heard it was selective, but I never thought THAT selective. </p>

<p>I'm extremely upset. I feel like a total loser and insecure that I won't make the upper-tiered schools I have applied to.</p>

<p>The architecture program is extremely selective and should not be viewed as a safety regardless of your high SAT scores. I also think there is a preference for students who apply early decision. Did you apply ED or RD?</p>

<p>What other schools did you apply to?</p>

<p>@pamom59- Thank you so much for your response. Unfortunately, I applied to the program RD. I was deferred from my first choice, Cornell.
In addition, I am applying to Syracuse, Brown, Dartmouth...
I know a 2100 is not sufficient for any ivy league, so that is a major setback...</p>

<p>I have been accepted to Penn State's 5 yr arch.</p>

<p>Does anybody know the avg stats for people who have been accepted into Arch?
I would like to get a general idea of my chances of actually getting off the wait list (slim, I'm assuming...).</p>