2120 SAT: Recommended Eastern Liberal Arts Colleges?

<p>My son is a rising senior at a top West Coast private school. His SATs are 2120, and he has strong extracurriculars in theatre (will get a conservatiory certificate and has a major role in a community theatre production this summer), community service (he has started a writing tutorial program in two inner-city schools), and is on the baseball team and has won a few medals in crew. He is probably going to be an English/Philosophy/History major and is also considering pre-med. What are your recommendations on east coast liberal arts or small universities that you think should be on his list?</p>

<p>Amherst and Williams would both be high reaches, but it'd still be worth a shot. Vassar is also worth noting. Also, although it isn't on the east coast, Kenyon is a really great liberal arts college with a very impressive writing program.</p>

<p>Look at Wesleyan(CT), Williams(MA), Swarthmore(PA), and Haverford(PA) for LACs. They are all very selective schools however.</p>

<p>Thanks for these suggestions--we have visited a few of these schools, and now we are wondering if there are any good alternatives at a slightly less selective level. His 2120 SAT puts him in the low-to-mid-range of the schools that kobudnik and you have mentioned. I wonder if anyone here has visited some of the schools a bit lower down on the list. It's hard to get past the hype you see on college websites and the USNWR rankings seem a bit suspect. Any comments on Trinity College, Bard College, Colgate, or, though it is not a pure LAC, Brandeis? Thanks so much!</p>

<p>Well,, seeing as how I live in CT,I am familiar with Trinity. It's a fine college. The campus is really quite nice. Hartford is a decent city with some things going on. I know fairly intelligent people from a successful family that went there and they have certainly enjoyed the experience. Also, a 2120 should be very competitive for it. You need to see it for yourself though, to make sure he likes the atmosphere. And, although it is not a bad thing by any means, it is worth noting the Brandeis has a very large Jewish population.</p>

<p>Look at top schools like Williams, Amherst, Bowdoin, Middlebury.</p>

<p>He has a reasonable chance if he has a strong GPA & rank.</p>

<p>Try Vassar and Skidmore - which he should have a hook as a male.</p>

<p>Perhaps Muhlenberg or Drew because they are strong LACs that also have very active theatre departments.</p>

<p>Drew is not very challenging. It would be a very easy safety. I would recommend Haverford, Franklin and Marshall, Bard, Colby, Bates, Hamilton as slightly below Amherst/Williams/Swarthmore but really fine schools.</p>

<p>Williams and Amherst are probably the best known LACs. Plus, they're generous when it comes to financial aid :)
You should definitely check out this page: Liberal</a> Arts Rankings - Best Colleges - Education - US News and World Report
A ranked list of LACs by US NEWS.</p>

<p>Colgate is wonderful, but it is VERY cold and isolated. Might be quite an adjustment for your son. Gorgeous campus and a great alum network.</p>

<p>Not east coast, but I would suggest Rice.</p>

<p>With a 2120 SAT I he should have a very good chance at Connecticut College. I visited the school and it has a very beautiful campus.</p>

<p>Suggest looking into the colleges in the Patriot League. Division 1 sports, around 3000 students each, beautiful campuses and top notch academics. Patriot</a> League Official Athletic Site</p>

<p>The Midwestern LACs can be a relative bargain for full-pay students compared to the Northeastern schools. The full sticker price usually is a few thousand less, and most of them offer merit scholarships. They tend also to be a notch less selective, but otherwise are offering much the same product as the Northeastern small colleges.</p>

<p>ACM</a> Associated Colleges of the Midwest

<p>My West Coast private school kid went to Brown with a 1410 (old scoring) plus a 720 writing, so that would be 2130 equivalent. Those are not bad scores by any means, but selectivity is on the rise in the 5 years. Point is, you just can't base it on SAT alone. Her GPA was fine but not amazing. Her schedule was rigiourous, her reccomendations great (I'm pretty sure one was sincerely one of the best students I've ever worked with in 15 years) and EC's great to amazing. </p>

<p>Don't rule out Brown, with his interests, but that's so reachy now because the admit rate is so bad. Sounds like a good fit, though. The only other schools mine applied to (except UC's) were LAC's but not too many on east coast, strangely. Wellesley would be out for you, lol. But the less reachy LAC's mentioned here are good bets. Just do the reach/match/safety thing. What does his GC say, assuming he is getting good guidance at a private.</p>

<p>Most of the obvious suspects (Conn College, Muhlenberg, Franklin & Marshall, Wesleyan, Bard, Vassar, Skidmore) have been hit.</p>

<p>To that list of suggestions, I would certainly add Sarah Lawrence and perhaps Goucher.</p>

<p>Hamilton College would be a match</p>

Drew is not very challenging. It would be a very easy safety. I would recommend Haverford, Franklin and Marshall, Bard, Colby, Bates, Hamilton as slightly below Amherst/Williams/Swarthmore but really fine schools.


<p>Drew's not THAT easy. It's a little less selective than Muhlenberg.</p>

<p>Might look at Holy Cross-great pre-med program with new science buildings. HC has nice campus 1 hour from Boston. Holy Cross is a smaller version of Georgtown but easier to gain admission.</p>

<p>Thanks, BrownParent. My S college counselor told him that Swarthmore would be "a reach, but not a far reach", which surprised me, and if that is the case, maybe a Brown application would not be a total waste of time. He loved the Brown tour and that was his forst choice, but then saw the SAT scores and admit rate and felt hopeless about it. He now sees Wesleyan as his first choice with Haverford second and Hamilton third. We visited those places, during the height of winter in February and liked them all. I am just so afraid of an application tsunami this coming year--I think all bets are off, with the economy impacting state schools, so I would expect each of the great LACs folks have suggested will have a rise in apps again.</p>