2170 SAT or 34 ACT

<p>SAT Math 800 CR 720 Writing 650 Essay 8</p>

<p>ACT Math 34 Reading 34 English 33 Science 35 Essay 8 Eng/Essay combines 30</p>

<p>Which of these scores is better? I know that 34 converts to a 2260 but a 34 also converts to a 1510 and a 30 combined writing/english converts to a 670 so that is basically the same.</p>

<p>I will be applying for mostly engineering but still think that the low Essay score will hurt me. I think that the only reason my ACT score is higher is because the essay isn't included in it. Would it be better to show the ACT because it shows I am pretty good at 4 subjects and bad at writing than the SAT which only shows I am good at 2 subjects and bad at writing?</p>

<p>I also want to know if an 8 on either essay will be a red flag to colleges because I can write extremely well when I get more than 25 minutes to work, and if my chances are ruined for schools like MIT and Princeton who have come out and said that they believe writing is the best predictor of college success. (seriously? having the ability to bs an essay on an obscure topic in 25 minutes makes somebody ready for college?)</p>

<p>Most definitely ACT</p>

<p>Your ACT score definitely looks better although your SAT score is not bad either (except for the writing part).</p>