21st birthday in NYC

<p>My S will be turning 21 the day after returning to school from Thanksgiving vacation, and since we will be with family in Fairfield County I was thinking of taking him into the city for some kind of celebration on Saturday night. Dinner and a performance of some kind is an obvious possibility...I have friends in NYC who can suggest restaurants that are hip and not obvious.</p>

<p>Any other ideas? We could see if his GF could come up a day early on her way back to school and accompany us, then we could take her to school when we take him...that would probably make him very happy! Although it would probably bum out her parents, since they would lose a day or so of her company. </p>

<p>What does anyone think? If you were her parents, would you be annoyed?</p>

<p>If I were her parents, I would think it was a lovely gesture!</p>

<p>D1 wanted a bar tab in NYC. She organized the whole thing. She found the bar, negotiated the price, and did the invite. I thinkg she had 50+ people. We got her a hotel room for her 4 closest girlfriends. She ordered Thai take out for 10+ people at her hotel room before the party. We weren´t invited, only our credit card was.</p>

<p>I think it´s a good idea (surprise ) to invite the girlfriend. I have girls, and I wouldn´t be upset if she were to attend her boyfriend´s 21 birthday, because I would be seeing her in few weeks.</p>

<p>I think inviting his girlfriend is a very nice idea. Order a bottle of champagne, and have a great time!</p>

<p>Fortunately or unfortunately, neither of them will be old enough to drink on the day in question! Maybe we can have champagne at a friend’s apartment. :slight_smile: I’m now thinking she takes Amtrak to Penn Station, we meet her there and spend the afternoon roaming galleries/shops in SoHo or the Village or elsewhere downtown or something like that, then have dinner somewhere downtown and hip.</p>

<p>Your S isn’t 14? :slight_smile: If you are with him, he can drink in NY state. It’s sort of odd but true that the waiters in less expensive restaurants don’t know this, but those in expensive restaurants almost always do.</p>

<p>No, I would absolutely expect her to spend his 21st with her boyfriend. I might spend the day and have lunch with them, go to the theater and then let them have a late dinner alone.</p>

<p>In terms of theater, we just saw “Fela” and it was really good.</p>

<p>First make sure he has no plans with friends, then do EET!</p>

<p>You sound like a great parent</p>

<p>Gee my 23yo just got while he was carded with me in a very nice restaurant in NYC. He did not have his wallet or ID with him and I had to say to the waiter quite obviously that he is 23 and he is my child. The waiter let it slide … but I got the feeling that it wasn’t kosher. And he’s legal. Just legal without ID.</p>