23 hours = dday

<p>omg this week has been so long but it is finally here…23 hours more to go and we all know</p>

<p>18 hours, wow this forum is dead</p>

<p>Is fin. aid info released online with decisions?</p>

<p>damn.. I am nervous.. I probably won't get in.. cause I just got rejected from Northeastern this week :(</p>

<p>about 6 hours left....</p>

<p>Four hours! And 11 minutes.</p>

<p>no 5 hours and 11 minutes its 9:49 ET right now</p>

<p>oh its edt my bad</p>

<p>3 hours and 5 minutes</p>

<p>2 hours and 12 minutes</p>

<p>1 hour and 30 minutes. Ahh I am so scared, i have been near my computer the whole day :&lt;/p>

<p>1 minute left</p>