2310 SAT Score, and a IB Candidate But Rejected?!

<p>mj93 1 thing here is we dont know whether the school ranks on wgpa or uwgpa, true if it is uw which i doubt then he is still doing very well however if its weighted well then that makes it much easier to get within that 3%. some weightings at HS are ridiculous but my school doesnt even weight so im just complaining my 3.9 isnt some 4.5 or something</p>

<p>The admissions process isn't fair, its too bad. If the ivies accepted every 4.0 uw gpa student with 2300 SATs theyd be accepting atleast 25 kids from my school. But they don't. There is always gonna be somebody out there with better stats. Just hope for the best.</p>

<p>You are missing the Questbridge hook you incredibly smart but obnoxious pompous a$$es responding on this thread. You are awesome OP!!!! I agree it would be helpful to know what it was - I think it was race not GPA</p>

<p>ROFL. I had better stats and I never thought schools like Stanford/Yale were shoo-ins. Quite the opposite, actually.</p>

<p>I'm thinking you got deferred because of a combination of essays/gpa. </p>

<p>You still have a very good chance at RD though. Don't give up hope.</p>

<p>ur uw gpa is really low. and ur rank is soso. good luck in the regular round though!</p>

<p>None of you guys take initiatives lmao....always take the oppurtunity that knocks on your door provided by your school...my couzin got accepted to both and im a shoe in to because i beat him in everything but me and him started a organization in our house to help send educational material to thrid world countries, and we went and got to visit ethopia and distribute medical/educational equipment....sure your underprivileged...hell so am I...but its how you can make use of your head and your contacts that will make you the smarter person IDIOTs...so what if you got a 4.0...if you got a combo of a 4.0 and socially active then yes ur a shoe in...but most of the candidates dont...and lack 1 or the other by little bit....they obviously did not see enough ambition towards helping people...they just saw a kid using his ecs for the sake of getting into their school......trust me i had 10 kids from my school who thought they were the best, joined ecs everything....had 4.0 uw and 2310's-2350's all rejected...and surprisingly my couzin made it...there you go buddy...get some initiative...your not outstanding....just cuz ur underprivilage doesnt make u special thinking u dont have oppurtunities...live with it like i do...im exactly in ur position but i make use with what ive got and so far im doing amazing.</p>

<p>on top of that....im in <strong><em>ing canada....we dont got much going on here like persay ur multiple science/math contests fairs/research oppurtunities etc...so you should be happy that your living in a country that strives the best in those fields and provides oppurtunities like that...</em></strong>...when will people value these things....come to canada and try to find these type of things....you wont.</p>

<p>ur uwgpa completely sucks for any y or s applicant.</p>

<p>It doesn't "completely suck", it's simply not top-of-the-nation. Not everyone can be getting 4.0's, and those schools don't want only 4.0's either. My opinion is still that all your activities lack focus. If you can really sell yourself that way I think your lower GPA won't matter so much.</p>

<p>i dont think your gpa is so much of a serious issue as is the character you portray yourself to be. You're obviously and incredibly intelligent guy, but is that it to you? you have all these awards but where are the things that accentuate your character and your personality - not being sarcastic at all, what makes you a lively intellectual, not a nerdy bookworm - they want people who are going to bring personality to their school, not just somebody who has amazing stats (and your stats are amazing).</p>

<p>just dont worry about one school, deferment doesnt mean its over, and no matter what with those stats alone you'll end up going to an outstanding school</p>

<p>Sense of entitlement.</p>

<p>Yawn... you should have been on CC for a while. CC helps clear away the illusions and delusions that your misinformed counselors, teachers, friends, and parents plant onto you. You'll find other great schools...</p>

<p>3.5 UW is pretty weak. Many of these Ivy schools shave off the extra points...</p>

<p>Not trying to offend, but your transcript looks too typical. These schools are looking for students who have something to offer, not over-achievers. For example, I had a friend who had average test scores and GPA, but got into Darthmouth because he dedicated all his time to one specific subject. I see kids hurry up and down the city for Soup Kitchen, YMCA, teh poor folks, and even foreign countries, just to appease these top schools.</p>

<p>They don't want a laundry list of academic recognition and e.c you only completed just for college admission (would you have done it otherwise?). </p>

<p>I'm involved in many writing and film-related activities, having won many essay competitions across the board. My school doesn't offer AP or any e.c activities (including clubs - closed forum), but I'm still confident in being accepting to at least one or two top schools. I have a 3.83 unweighted sophomore who taking remedial math (algebra), but my aptitude in a specific field will hopefully compensate. </p>

<p>If not, I'm sure they are plenty of schools willing to accept me. </p>

<p>FYI, The Ivy league has enough applicants with perfect test scores, e.c, and recommendations to fill available spots many times over. Yet a significant portion of admitted students scored well below the recommended stats (some not being athletes). </p>

<p>The Ivy League is tremendously overrated. Try applying to all the Ivies - Brown, Darthmouth, Princeton, Columbia, and Cornell.</p>

<p>If all else fails, go to the next prestigious school and try transferring, if Ivy League is truly your goal.</p>

<p>there's always life....</p>

<p>I think the top schools make the key to getting in, invisible only to those who do get in.</p>

<p>That is, people who get in, get in, because they have found the invisible key (which is totally unrelated to SATs). </p>

<p>Those who don't get in, dont have the invisible key, because they are overconfident, or dont see the point of going to college as... contribution, or as a question of "what do i have to offer".</p>

<p>You probably missed the key in your mind, and that totally wrecked your essays and how your portrayed in the light of these colleges.</p>

<p>I'm think you're being a lil pompous, with your shock at being rejected. Those schools are shoo-ins for anyone, underprivileged or not! </p>

<p>In order to be in the top quartile for admitted Yale students, btw, you need an SAT score of above 2370 superscored. Your score is in the high end of their median range of 2080-2370 (25-75 percentile). </p>

<p>However, scores in their 0-40 percentiles will probably be hooked applicants... the most significant hooks are athletics and URM status. Your QB status is desirable but it isn't a 'hook in' per se because it isn't something the university feels it 'needs,' just that it 'wants' -- something a university might 'need' would be a star football player for their team, something a university might 'want' would be a trilingual student who's interested in languages and cultures.</p>

<p>Anyway I hope this post helps you accept your deferrals, and good luck in the regular decision round.</p>

<p>JohnLee: I think you will find the answer in your first post:</p>



<p>Being poor does not give one a license to skip HW for video games, also known as slaking off. And, while popularity may help you win Homecoming King, it won't get you into S&Y particularly if you are self-described as "lazy".</p>

<p>Your test scores are near the top of the nation, but you did little with your brain for the first two years of HS, by your own admission. It's no wonder that S&Y deferred; however, I'm sure you'll get another good look once your senior grades are posted.</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>


<li><p>I agree with the others who pointed out your lower than optimal unweighted GPA and class rank. Also, the GPA calculated by Y and S may be different if you are including non-academic A+ grades.</p></li>
<li><p>We don't know how strong your essays were. I hope they were not drenched in the kind of arrogance that I sense in your post.</p></li>
<li><p>Listing your ECs and awards is great but I think that for getting accepted in the Early round, you have to have demonstrated some kind of OUTSTANDING intensity in your ECs. Not just the fact that you were this or that President/Captain/Vice President etc, but what did you actually DO with those positions. Did you make a significant impact on the world. Apparently Stanford and Yale didn't think so.</p></li>

<p>So I would suggest you be a little humble and be glad that you were not rejected. Deferred means they really seriously think you might be competitive in the regular round. You may yet get accepted in RD.</p>

<p>Dude you are more than qualified. And so were a LOT of other kids, but some top universities just dont ahve spaces for everyone. Basically, you were out on your luck, but just because you didn't get into yale and harvard doesn't mean you have no options left. there are plenty of good schools that would kill for a kid of your caliber</p>


<p>Dude! The OP was from 2007. </p>

<p>Do you know what year it is?</p>