2310 SAT Score, and a IB Candidate But Rejected?!

<p>Through a non-profit organization called Questbridge, I received my early-action letters from Stanford and Yale (I applied a couple months back).</p>

<p>Deffered from Both Schools. And before you ask, QB allows us to apply to up to 8 schools in an early decision admissions process (neither school had binding decision as a result).</p>

<p>SATI: 2310
Math - 780
CR - 760
Writing - 770</p>

<p>US History - 760
Math IIC - 750</p>

<p>Class Rank: 27/698
GPA: 4.29 W; 3.55 UW
IB Candidate
AP Scholar with Distinction, and loads of other Academic Awards</p>

<p>I've got tons of EC's and leadership positions at my school, one of which is being a Senior Class Officer in a graduating class of 712 students. I'm also in the Youth Governor's Cabinet, for YMCA Youth and Government (Its a Debate program that is state-wide). I'm the Legislative Captain for the Varsity Debate Team, and VP of Mu Alphta Theta and National Honor Society. </p>

<p>Lol, I just don't get it! I outscored 75% of the actual Stanford and Yale freshman classes on the SATI (according to collegeboard statistics). </p>

<p>Eh, I'm not bitter though, haha. It is dissapointing. Oh well, I've got other options, I suppose.</p>

<p>What is your gpa?</p>

<p>No wonder I didn't even make finalist status. Ouch.</p>

<p>You have TONS of other options. But yeah, I don't get it either.</p>

<p>But it just goes to show that the in the college admissions game...NO ONE is a shoe-in.</p>

<p>There 2by, I added the gpa i had when i applied to those schools.</p>

<p>But its much higher now. I just finished my first semester of senior year. In all Straight IB/AP classes, my lowest grade was a 97 in AP Government. Made A+'s in everything else. My semester GPA was 4.93/5.0</p>

<p>My updated accumulative stats: </p>

<p>Current/New GPA: 4.3445 W; 3.5857 UW
New Rank: 23/712</p>

<p>Btw, 2300s on SATs are not rare for stanford and yale applicants. I know many of kids who applied with 2350+ and top 1% ranks and were rejected from both (last year). Plenty of 2400s get the boot, so you can imagine how any 'high' sat score isn't going to significantly boost your chance of admission to the level where you are surprised to be rejected.</p>

<p>For starters, your rank could be higher. 23/712 is like top 3% </p>

<p>The 3.58 GPA UW is very low for a Stan/Yale applicant, too. Especially when there are so many 4.0 UW's applying.</p>

<p>JohnLee, deferred doesn't mean rejected. You still have RD. And with those stats, you'll get into a wonderful school -- maybe even Stanford or Yale.</p>

<p>Why did they get rejected? I just don't understand. I mean, I outscored the vast majority of the people that actually got in (75%) according to collegeboard....I'm involved in EC's, I've volunteered over 400 hours....My teachers love me, I'm well known in my school...I dont get it.</p>

<p>I'll probably nail it down to GPA;</p>

<p>i agree. your gpa isnt great, i mean your weighted is but a 3.55 uw isnt very good for ivys. obviously ur very smart that shows in your standardized tests but im not sure if ull get it at rd with a school that turns down 4.0/4.0 uw with perfect scores,
no matter what happens though,
good luck</p>

<p>gpa is kind low. how many students from your school were accepted at Yale in previous years?</p>

<p>Yeah, your unweighted GPA is extremely low. Also, the schools might have just looked at your application and thought we can wait on this guy. If you get in later, do you still get the free ride?</p>

<p>Please don't take anything I say offensively, it's just my opinion.</p>

<p>You are a BWRK, a "Bright, Well-Rounded Kid", as the college admissions lingo goes. You've got the stellar grades, the superb test scores, a fairly good rank and awesome credentials.</p>

<p>The only thing I can say you're missing is focus. You're all over the place - history, math, debate, student government... what is your passion? What is the one thing you care about most? </p>

<p>I mean, I outscored the vast majority of the people that actually got in (75%) according to collegeboard....I'm involved in EC's, I've volunteered over 400 hours....My teachers love me, I'm well known in my school...I dont get it.
This is why: there are THOUSANDS of other students who have the exact same scores and credentials you do. Scoring higher than 75% of admitted people doesn't say much - what about that 25% that scored higher than you that may have been admitted ED? (Besides, statistics are biased at times). I can safely say most everyone is involved in EC's. Everyone volunteers vast amounts. Teachers liking you won't affect anything - they aren't going to sweettalk the admission officers, and unless they wrote you a brilliant recommedation it won't be that impressive. And as for being well-known at your school, how is that an accomplishment? This isn't a contest for fame or popularity. You're lacking the passion, the thing that makes you unique from these thousands of other common molds.</p>

<p>I wish you best of luck in RD. If your essay is strong enough, you could very well get in, but college admissions is more than just numbers and EC's, so please keep that in mind and don't stress over that.</p>

<p>Just some words of realism and encouragement from a fellow senior ^^;</p>

<p>You are the 23rd best student in your high school, according to class rank. Are 25 or so students from your high school going to end up at HYPS?
Your testing is about the middle of the applicant range at those schools.
The reality is that you are very smart and will end up at a very prestigious school. Count your blessings.</p>

<p>Well it's Stanford's and Yale's loss. But you know, with those schools it's all just a crapshoot. No one can say for sure whether or not they'll get in.</p>


<p>hold on a second...how many of those 22 students have better or even comparable scores to the OP/ good ECs/ Amazing Course load? On top of all this Questbridge is a program for "underprivileged overachievers" so the OP obviously overcame adversity that most of those 22 students probably did not. Factor everything together and it's possible that he/she is the single best HYPS candidate in his/her 700 person class. From danas' post history I can tell that he/she doesn't think that the SAT is a particularly good measure of a college applicant, but I don't think that "johnlee" should have to deal with your bitter post just because his strength (the SAT) is something you dislike. If I had to guess prior to the OPs decisions arrived I would have thought that he was into both schools, but this goes to show how unpredictable the truly elite schools are.</p>

<p>I think that all the people that said that your 2310 and gpa and rank and so forth are too low are just jealous, maybe?--lol. Those are amazing scores and you have pretty strong extracurriculars. The fact is that at these schools it's not just the numbers game. Maybe something with your essay? Or, less likely, with an interview? Also, a deferral is NOT necessarily a rejection--hey, you might just be able to reverse their decision if you're really up for it! You still have time to make an appeal and some adjustments.</p>

<p>exactly sari. You should write each admissions office a letter to tell them that you're still very interested in their respective schools, and then follow up with any new accolades and a new transcript. Schools will be impressed by your level of commitment. Last year two of my friends were deferred and they both kept in touch with the admissions offices. Sure enough they were admitted to two good schools (One is top ten on US News).</p>

The 3.58 GPA UW is very low for a Stan/Yale applicant, too. Especially when there are so many 4.0 UW's applying.


<p>GPA out of the context of the school means nothing. Obviously a 3.58 is very high at the OP's school if he is in the top 3% with it.</p>

My son went to Dartmouth and was a Pell Grant and SEOG recipient. He had a 2300 and SAT IIs of 800, 790 and 780.
I've come to understand that his outcome was about right in this competitive world. Pretty phenomenal, come to think of it.</p>

<p>If US IMO qualifiers get rejected from schools like Harvard, I don't see why 2400+4.0 people must be accepted. This is a dumb thread, if you don't have anything that can compare to the IMO, why even bother asking?</p>