24 creds?

<p>I'll be a sophomore next year and I'm currently shopping for classes. Right now, my total is 24 credits, 15 of which are required courses, 4 for an elective, 1 PE, and 4 for a seminar that I'm interested in. If I choose to audit the seminar course, is this even possible or will it still take up too much time?</p>

<p>Too much. Whatever your major is, I think it’s going to be (a bit) difficult to manage 24 credits in a semester.</p>

<p>Do you wanna have a life?</p>

<p>as you look ahead, will the elective and the seminar be offered in the future? I would wait till then, because you might eventually have fewer than 15 required courses. if I were you I’d stick to 16 (requirements plus gym.) there’s no use rushing to take everything at once and then having a miserable few months, and possibly not getting as much out of your classes as you otherwise would.
also, keep in mind that you might want to get involved in some sort of extracurricular, especially an academic one like a student publication or research.</p>

<p>Yeah I guess it was a bit too much. Though I’ve already managed pretty well so far with 19 and 21 credit semesters during freshman year. </p>

<p>As for the elective, I basically have to “take” some form of Math, which is something I probably should’ve done this year. I won’t be able to take it in the Spring either, since I’ll have 17 creds of required courses…</p>

<p>Why are people always in a hurry to take maximum number of classes as possible? Granted, it’s typically asian and indian students who do this, but it leads to a fairly awful college experience. I had a friend (asian) who took 24 credits one semester and she used to tell me she slept 1-3 hours a night, usually in the library by accident.</p>

<p>17-18 without PE is required almost every semester for me…</p>

<p>It’s really not that difficut to take many credits. I’m taking 23 right now and am doing quite well. As long as the classes interest you and you feel like you can manage your time efficiently, there should be no problem. I usually get 7+ hours of sleep everyday. The challenge of taking so many classes is fitting them all into your schedule…</p>