24 hours status?

<p>I checked my application status today and got this message "A decision is pending, please check back in 24 hours." What does this mean?</p>

<p>your gonna get your decision. probably by tomorrow morning.. good luck! when did it say your application was recieved. mine said november 18th & stil no notice! haha</p>

<p>Mine was all received on November 22, so hopefully you'll hear soon! Ah I really hope it's good news and that i get it in the morning!</p>

<p>whats your stats? i'm sure your getting in! aha my gpa is sooo low. but my school's so tough.</p>

<p>African American, in-state
GPA: 3.54 UW (my school doesn't weigh)
SATs: 1940
Rank 21/116 (private paraochial school)
Got a 5 on the English AP Language exam after taking the Uconn ECE AP class offered at my school, taking a couple more this year
Lots of ECs and good recommendations</p>

<p>And dont worry, I'm sure you'll get in! It's not all about GPAs or SATs anymore</p>

<p>thats awesome. your stats are awesome! :P i hope i do.. everryone in my school this year got in already. and thats like 40 ppl! i am involved in a ton. an some girl i know wasn't involved in anything and got in. shes also a bit ditzy. haa</p>