24 Hours...

<p>(Suspense building baritone voice) The following takes place between 5PM Eastern time and 5PM Eastern time next day... (A digital clock ticking with a Beep.. beep.. beep sound in the background). Now let the drama begin to unfold... with the hysteria, mass panic, and frantic action... </p>

<p>Good luck guys... :)</p>

<p>Aghhhhhhhhhhhh omg my house is on fireeeeeeee</p>

<p>lol, nice 24 reference</p>

<p>Yeah, 24! Haha.</p>

<p>Agent Jack Bauer to the rescue!</p>

<p>beep. beep.</p>


<p>I don't watch 24 so I don't get it :(</p>

<p>Neither do I, but that's funny.</p>