25 on ACT for 8th grader

<p>Hello all, today I got my ACT scores back and I made a composite score of 25. I'm in the 8th grade. I made highest in reading and science, and made lowest in English and math. My lowest score was 23 in math and language arts. I didn't at all study for this test. I'm hoping to make a 30 or above when I take it in high school! Do you guys think this score is good for a person my age? Do I have a good chance at making a 30+ when I study and I'm a Junior/Senior?</p>

<p>25 is a good score for a large number of high school juniors that take the ACT and thus you can consider it quite good for 8th grade. Whether it portends better things to come is unknown but it is a start in the right direction.</p>

<p>I took it in ninth for kicks and giggles and got a 29, and now have a 35. But it’s all subjective.</p>

<p>Eighth grade is far too early to worry about ACT/SAT scores. Go outside and enjoy life. Come back when you’re a sophomore :)</p>

<p>^late sophomore year at the earliest. You don’t want to burn out or get over stressed. Stop while you can man.</p>

<p>^^ Nah, I’m not stressing out. I didn’t study at all for this test and didn’t stress it to much. I just do a little college searching every now and then.</p>

<p>No man I mean like in two or three years when you’re tearing your hair out cause you’ve heard so many ridiculous things on this site. Seriously get off. Get off get off. Cause right now your ACT doesn’t mean a damn thing. Go work on a skill so you’ll show leadership in something. Be productive and don’t listen to all us hypocrites for at least two years.</p>

<p>^^ will do. Thanks for the advice!</p>

<p>I’m also in 8th grade and just got my ACT test scores!
I have the same composite score as well :)</p>

<p>Congrats whostolemycookie! What was your score for langauge arts and math?</p>

I got a 24 in both english and reading, i guess its kinda low cos english isnt my first language.
got a 25 in math and 26 in science :)</p>

<p>I didnt study for the test as well hehe</p>

<p>lol i’m a junior and got a 25</p>

<p>25’s certainly not a bad score, but you don’t need to fret too much about SAT/ACT right now. Enjoy high school, take challenging courses, then you will be more prepared for those exams.</p>

<p>I got my score back today and made a 23, a 24 in math and science. I did worse on English and reading, but can’t Remember the exact scores. In comparison it’s a great score!</p>

<p>Also in 8th grade**</p>