2nd Choice Majors

Does UT consider second choice majors at all? If they don’t think im ‘qualified’ for my first choice major, will they consider my second choice major? I applied to majors in COLA.

Thank you!!


only if you’re automatic

@DynamicProphet I have not seen anything that indicates only auto admits get cascaded to second choice majors. Where have you read that?

I’m non-auto admit, so they wont consider my 2nd choice major?


Here is an unofficial account of how it worked last year. He says 92 percent got first choice of major which if true would mean non-auto admits. But it sounds like if you don’t get first choice, you get a choice of available majors when you get in. If your second major is full, then I guess you choose something else. My guess is a lot of people choose UGS if that happens.

Thank you- that link was helpful!!

Only engineering majors get a 2nd choice. https://texadmissions.com/blog/does-your-second-choice-major-matter