2nd student effect on EFC

<p>Student 1 is in 1st year at a college costing $40K per year. Our EFC was computed at $33K and a $7K finaid package was rewarded. Student 2 will start college at a similar $$$ school next fall. Both schools guarantee to meet 100% of demonstrated need. Our income factors will be approximately the same, so I would expect that our EFC would be about $35K, allowing for student 2's additional income. Am I correct in projecting that we should expect to see $45K in aid (40+40-35) next fall, split between the 2 schools? And, does anyone know how the schools decide to split the aid?</p>

<p>Most of the time, the schools split the aid as they see it. In other words, if both schools come up with the same EFC and you do come up with $45K in aid, each school would come up with $22.5K. But I don't think I have seen such an even split even if both schools guarantee 100% of need. Most schools will come up with different aid numbers, though often very close and each school will then come up with half of what they consider is the need. You are fortunate to have two kids going to schools that guarantee 100% of need. In that scenario, you should do fine.</p>

<p>My 2nd started the fall. The college the 2nd one goes to did make the adjustment for having 2 in college. However, the aid package for the 1st one did not change at all. He continued to get his scholarships but no grants were forthcoming. Tho only change for the 1st one was that his Stafford loan switched from unsubsidized to subsidized.</p>