3.0 , 2100 SAT?

<p>Hey all
So my freshman year I did OK, I got just under a 3.0 at a top public school (top 50). However, I suffered from some really bad depression sophomore year and earned a 1.5. My junior year is looking way better and looks like I'll have about a 2.8 unweighted and 3.05 weighted (UC gpa is 3.18). My SATs are really my (hopefully) saving grace since I got around 2050 (and maybe higher; I'll be retaking it a couple more times). I have pretty good ECs, I volunteered in Ecuador for a week helping build schools, I tutor kids twice a week and Im in a couple clubs. My personal statement should be pretty good as well. I'm also white and first gen college student in California if that matters. So my question is, at there any others who had a similar experience experience? here are the schools I've been considering </p>

<p>Wash U Saint Louis ( a reach, I know)
basically all UCs except UCLA and berekly.
University of Minnesota
San Jose / San Francisco state</p>

<p>so...any recomendations? Anyone had a similar experience? </p>

<p>PS I plan on writing my personal statement about my parents who abandoned me- living with grandparents. no idea if that'll help.</p>

<p>1) Cal States will only use your UC/CSU GPA and SAT scores for admission and unfortunately no essays to explain your low GPA.</p>

<p>SDSU/SJSU/SF State will use the eligibility index calculation and then rank you based on your major. They start with the highest EI for each major and then accept until all slots are filled. Your SAT will definitely help your EI. Here is the calculation: (CSU GPA x800) + (SAT Math + SAT CR). An EI of around 3900+ will put in a good position for SDSU/SJSU. SF State is a safety regardless of your CSU GPA.</p>

<p>2) The UC’s are very GPA focused so you will probably have a good chance at UCR/UCM and UCSC and if your essays are outstanding, UCI/UCSB/UCD may be possible but their average UC GPA was 4.0+ last year. </p>

<p>I am not very knowledgable about schools outside California, so I wish you the best of luck. </p>

<p>Right now, I’d say that Washington U. is way out of reach. Your test scores are respectable, but below their median range. Considering how far below their range your grades are, you would need SATs over 2300 (or CR+M>1500) for them to look at your application. If you were to knock your SAT/ACT scores out of the park, on the other hand, WUStL is one school you might have a shot at, because they are legendarily kind to high scorers. </p>