3.0-3.3 Student Thread :)

<p>Hey you guys! So, all the parents have their 3.0-3.3 thread, so I was thinking we should start our own thread following everyones college list and admissions process! :)</p>

<p>3.0 GPA, 33 ACT, 1400/1600 SAT, 2070/2400 SAT
Currently in the process of applying to Case Western.</p>

<p>Glad to see there's a thread out here for us. :)</p>

<p>3.2 UW GPA/3.7 W, 30 ACT
My reach school is either going to be Kenyon or Oberlin. Still haven't decided between the two yet, but either way I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping I can leave a good impression on the admissions committees. I'm also applying to Allegheny, Washington State and Western Washington.</p>

<p>Great schools you guys! Good luck with your apps! :) Lol my reaches are Reed, Smith, Scripps, Bennington, Bates and Mt. Holyoke! Crossing my fingers and toes! But, if not I still have great safeties and matches! :)</p>

<p>Is Bennington really a reach for you? I was thinking of applying there myself.</p>

<p>Well I'm URM and Bennington has low URM's so it's more like a low Reach, but I think anything less than 70% and high average stats is a Reach, atleast for me. Lol too many C's and a D on my transcript plus my test scores are pretty average. :p</p>

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<p>If you have run the FAFSA forecaster and know your EFC (know that you can afford a certain school), then consider applying Early Decision to your absolute #1 reach. Obviously, do not if you are unsure though. Also, do interview if you have the opportunity at any reaches. Good luck!!!!</p>

<p>memaw12, those are great schools! I was thinking about applying to Mt. Holyoke but I don't think I could survive in a single sex campus. XD </p>

<p>jkiwmom, thanks for the support! :) I chose to apply to Oberlin but I'm still unsure about applying ED since I haven't visited. I think I'll do an interview and try to get a campus visit in to see if that can boost my chances, because I know RD will be more competitive. </p>

<p>What is everyone planning on majoring in? And everyone needs to check back in with their results once they get them. :D</p>

<p>Thanks, I actually just finalized my college list and Mt. Holyoke got crossed off my list. I realized I liked Smith so much more! </p>

<p>But I'm still undecided with my major flip flopping between Philosophy, Neuroscience, or Cognitive Science. </p>

<p>So much to do! My guidance counselor's new this year, so I have to keep reminding her and showing her what to do. :\ Hopefully I can get everything done by mid-November!</p>

<p>Also: realistically, I'm looking at the University of Alabama in Birmingham and in Huntsville. If I can get my SAT score up 90 points I have a full ride to the latter.</p>

<p>otsuichi.. update for you... uab just increased its oos merit its now 15K per year for an act 28+ and gpa of 3.0 COA has stayed the same at 20K to 24K (so about 5-9K per year out of pocket or financial aid)</p>

<p>Blazer Elite Scholarship</p>

Based on academic achievement (28-36 ACT and at least 3.0 GPA)
Blazer Gold Scholarship</p>

Based on academic achievement (26-27 ACT and at least 3.0 GPA)
Blazer Pride Scholarship</p>

Based on academic achievement (24-25 ACT and at least 3.0 GPA)</p>

<p>I like Univ of Alabama at Birmingham! It sounds like a great school. Anyone got any experiences with UAB Birmingham? How are the academics and social life?</p>

<p>memaw feel free to pm (or i can post on here) my son goes to uab...</p>

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<p>memaw.. not sure if you know...uab has a neuroscience program for undergrad...started in 2009 Program</a> Information</p>

<p>3.0 UW, 3.88 W, 35 ACT, NMSF--most likely attending the University of Alabama (NMF full ride). Still applying to Vanderbilt, Fordham, Dartmouth, Illinois, Indiana, Rochester, Washington & Lee, UVa, Wake Forest, SMU; also applying to prep schools for baseball (Deerfield, Loomis Chaffee, etc.)</p>

<p>Oh great schools wizkhalifa! Good luck, I bet you'll get into more than a few of them with your ACT score and NMF status!</p>

<p>Anyone submitted their Common App yet? Or their supplements? I've got 6 or 7 in so far.</p>

<p>3.01 UW, 1320/1600 SAT, CS major</p>

<p>Applying to Cal Poly Pomona, SJSU, SUNY Buffalo, UMBC, St Mary's.</p>

<p>In at Bama! </p>

<p>Anyone else got EA/ Rolling Decision school letters in yet?</p>