3.02 GPA which schools are likely?

<p>I'm currently at UCONN and I want to travel to florida or back to my home state of NY. I just need to know which colleges are likely as a Economics/engineering. I finished most of prereqs in both so I'm good in those departments and after a summer classes my GPA should go up. I had a bad first semester for engineering so getting in the school was difficult but I made up for it and want to transfer because UCONN isn't what I expected of college and want a new environment.</p>

<p>Here's my list
Syracuse U
Suny Buffalo
U Central Florida
Florida State U
U Miami</p>

<p>no responses</p>

^look like matches, Umiami says on there site that there average competitive Gpa is a 3.4, SUNY idk</p>

<p>FSU pays close attention to GPA in transfer students and you will probably find it difficult to get in without a 3.25 (it's what they see as a B+). You could apply anyway, of course.
UCF and Syracuse seem fine.
I would also suggest (since you seem to like Florida) USF (Tampa) and FIU (Miami). They're about the same admission and reputation-wise as UCF.</p>

<p>Thanks I'll look at FIU</p>