<p>Hi, how difficult is to get to Fordham's 3+2 engineering program with Columbia? How many people are taking it every year?</p>

<p>Hi, my bro was initially rejected to the 3-2 program since he did not complete all of the required courses in time (fell one or two courses short, Columbia is pretty strict about completing all of the required courses by the Spring semester of the year that you apply). However, he did get in the following year he reapplied; they took him in as a 4-2 student. As long as you meet the minimum GPA requirement (3.0 I believe, but I have heard rumors of the requirement increasing) and complete all the core as well as the required courses for your intended major, you should have no problem getting in. Last year, my bro said quite a few students were accepted (abt 4 or 5 I think). He's in his first year there as an IE major and really enjoying the experience of dorming there and taking classes with Columbia students.</p>

<p>Thanks, it is very helpful!</p>

<p>Is it hard to complete all the core courses and courses for the program even if you have lots of AP Credits?</p>

<p>You just need to smartly map all your courses out and make sure that a given course is being taught during the semester. My brother was not able to take two classes required for Columbia because both of them were not being offered by Fordham during the Spring semester of the year that he initially applied....he thought Columbia would understand, but they rejected him anyways. So, just make sure you have everything planned out properly and work closely with the program liaison and especially your dean.</p>