3.3 Unweighted GPA, what are my chances of getting into UGA

Due to some advice from my school counselor and teachers I ended up taking 5 APs this year and didn’t get A+’s on them all, and now I have an unweighted GPA (for 1st semester) of 3.3 and a weighted GPA of 4.3.

It’s obviously really irritating becuase in my academic career i’ve never had an unweighted GPA lower than 4.0, but here we are now :slight_smile: It sucks extra hard because i’m currently a junior and junior year is the most important, apparently.

I thought previously that I could shoot for schools like Cornell and Dartmouth but that seems completely out of reach and I’ve come to terms with that so I have been looking at easier to get into colleges like UGA and the University of Arizona. By the way, I’m a Georgia Resident.

I’m taking the SAT in a few months and hopefully will get a 1380-1450 on it, and assuming I get a 3.3 GPA second semester as well, what do you think my chances are of getting into UGA? Do you have any ideas of other safety schools and target schools I can look into applying to? I appreciate all the help you can give because my high school counselor hasn’t been much help and neither are my parents as they did not go to college in the U.S.

-host of a podcast
-blog owner
-e-commerce buisness owner (i sell things on sites like ebay not sure how to title this)

  • member of the following: science olympiad, environmental club, NPCF club, beta club, HOSA club)
    -volunteer at local library
    -babysitter/tutorer to young kids

ECs I hope to pursue this summer:
-a job at a grocery store
-intern at a local newspaper
-i want to learn an instrument for fun but i’m not sure if it would count for an extracurricular because it’s not for a competition or anything
-begin a youtube channel or podcast focusing on educating teens about political theory

by the way, I plan on majoring in politcal science and then going into law school.

Thanks again!!

Maybe Mercer or GA State, UGA isn’t easy to get into even with a 4.0 UW GPA.

I know a student with similar numbers ( 3.5 GPA & 1450 SAT) who applied to UGA several years ago. Initially waitlisted, then admitted.