3.58 and trying to get into Natural Sciences?

<p>looking into getting in for fall 2012- someone judge me!!!
-GPA is 3.79 (I came in to college with a 3.6 and got a 4.0 my first semester in college) and I'm on the Dean's List here.
-Current GPA: (somehow it's a 3.58 at UT)
-Probable total GPA after Spring Semester (in May): 3.79
-First Choice Major/College: Apparel and Textiles/ College of Natural Science
-Second Choice Major/College: Psychology
-Courses completed: 33 hours (psych, posci, university seminar, band, theatre first semester in college, HS credits: 15)
-Extracurricular Activities/Recommendations/Essays: Dean's List, Band historian, Colorguard Captain, NHS, 4 recommendations, Essays are decent
-Anything else useful: Made a 4.0 my first semester and on dean's list. Many achievements and awards and positions.</p>

<p>What do you guys think if I'm trying to get into Natural Sciences??</p>


<p>i'm confused...how do you have a 3.58 at UT? Did you transfer in dual credit or something of the sort?</p>

<p>regardless, from what i gather 3.5+ gives you a pretty solid shot at CNS, plus the upward trend (?) in your GPA will look good - for what one or two semesters is worth.</p>

<p>I took college level courses in high school and they took one of the C's I earned in a math class and it averaged my GPA down to a 3.58 instead of what it should've been (a 3.79)... at the college I am at, they only take A's and B's and disregard the C's.</p>

<p>But thank you so much! I hope I get in!!</p>

<p>any other opinions?</p>