3.6 ed?

<p>im average in ec's, sat, and ap's, but i have a 3.6 gpa. do i have a chance ED? btw im asian, idk if this will help me or not?</p>

<p>What does the 3.6 relate to? Does this put you in the top 5% or 10% of your class? Average EC's, SAT's and AP's wont help though ED will help. More information about your resume is needed to make an educated guess on your chances.</p>

<p>in all honestly...I think you should change your screen name on these boards..it is very awkward to go around the board with the name of an Ivy League school and to ask questions of students and parents on other school's pages...you will hopefully recognize that you need to find match schools and that Cornell is not a shoe in for anyone...so you need to get to know and respect other colleges...</p>

<p>just a suggestion from a long time poster who has seen too many Blue Devils Forever etc...posing questions about other colleges. </p>

<p>neutral ID is best..when you are a junior/senior you need to be able to enjoy anonymity on this board to a degree in order to learn more about other colleges</p>