3.824 / 179

<p>I'm worried about where this grade can get me to. I'm sure the LSAT score is definitely high enough, but what about the GPA? What can I do to compensate to get into HYS law school?</p>

<p>Congrats on the excellent LSAT score. That GPA looks fine, too! Try lawschoolnumbers.com and lawschoolpredictor.com to see what your chances are. Your numbers should be fine for the vast majority of schools.</p>

<p>I assume you're applying for the 2011-2012 academic year. Based on this year's experience, I suggest you apply as early as you can to every school. Check to see when the schools start accepting applications....October?</p>

<p>Blatant troll...</p>

<p>I agree with transfers. Don't feed the troll.</p>