3.89 gpa Help with admissions?

<p>So I am a sophomore in high school and have been stressing about my grades lately. This year was really difficult and I dropped from a 3.9 cumulative weighted to a 3.89 cumulative weighted. This year I took more honors classes than I usually do (my high school does not offer AP until you're a senior). How bad do you think this will hurt my college admissions. My dad wants me to go to Harvard (which I know isn't possible). Also I know I'll be able to get a 29 maybe a 30 on the ACT, I do not know about the SAT yet. I play soccer, have been volunteering for 3 years, lead youth at my church and am planning to be on Nation Honor Society next year when I'm a Junior.</p>

<p>Haha, how much will a .01 drop in your GPA affect admissions? It won't. In fact, it may even look better because these are honors courses instead of regular.</p>

<p>you defitinely won't get in with that GPA drop. that's going to kill your application. Don't even bother applying to any pretigious colleges cause u won't get accepted.</p>

<p>Other notes, I also go to a VERY competitive Catholic High School where people with 4.0's aren't even in the top 10%. Basically you have to get A+'s always to even have a chance. And I'm ranked 54 out of 298. Plus I'm African-American(as in my parents are immigrants from Africa)</p>

<p>Low rank. Urm. It'd an iffy shot. Idk about Harvard, but you should be able to get into Cornell.</p>

<p>Are you asking how badly having a 3.9 will hurt you? As long as you take rigorous classes and maintain a good rank, you'll be fine. The actual numerical value of your GPA isn't very useful to colleges anyway. They'd rather see you getting good grades in tough classes than just getting straight A's with an easy courseload.</p>

<p>You're black? Don't worry about it. It's more than possible for you to get into Harvard. AA will save you, if you're borderline.</p>

<p>doubt it affirmative action will help (that's dumb that's usually if you're family has a lower income which mine doesn't). My dad applied and his stats were a thousand times better than mine (except for coming from a privileged background). And still get rejected. He got accepted into UMass Amherst but went to University Of Wisconsin, Madison instead</p>

<p>Affirmative action will help, but that doesn't mean you can get into Harvard just by being African American and a good student. Harvard only accepts the highly qualified and impressive applicants, regardless of race. Addy is just uninformed.</p>

<p>"Affirmative action" in this case refers to the policy that gives under represented minorities (Hispanics, African Americans, native Americans) a slight boost in admission. Income doesn't matter. In fact, affirmative action tends to benefit minorities with higher incomes rather than lower incomes, for reasons I don't really understand.</p>

<p>God, most of CC is so annoyingly misinformed about AA, addymithas included. I think it's about time I cut the cord with this place.</p>

<p>Anyways, judging from your weighted GPA, your unweighted GPA is kind of low, as is your rank. You won't have the best chance if you don't get them up by senior year, because it says to admissions officers that you can't handle the coursework at their schools. If you can show a strong upward trend, it may make up for your first two years though.</p>

<p>@Pancaked I think that's because minorities of higher income usually have more of the resources needed to be competitive in the application process. The same applies to all applicants, regardless of race.</p>