3 APs classes is realistic?

I am thinking about taking
AP Eng Lang
AP Chem
Other coursework are Honors PreCal and Spanish 2 Is it too much?
I am currently taking 2 AP econ classes.

It does not sound unreasonable if your are a strong student.

Sounds ok to me!

I did the same my junior year! I think you’ll do great!

I’m a junior rn and have all three of these on my courseload. As long as you are efficient and have good time management skills, it’s more than doable!

Have you taken honors Chemistry already? Ap Physics1?

Yes taken Honors Chem and Honor Physics but not AP Phy 1. Want to do AP phy after calculus.

Seems reasonable plus AP Lang & APUSH compliment each other slightly. Just stay on top of AP Chem and you should be fine!

Then yes you’re good! And AP Physics1 is at the same level as honors Physics so you don’t need to 'retake it ’ … You’re good!