3 C's on senior transcript... will umich revoke my admission?

<p>Okay I'm sort of freaking out right now. i applied to umich Ann arbor for LSA early decision and got accepted but I'm guessing that I barely made it because my sophomore and junior year I was preparing to go to an art school, and I took a ton of art classes outside of school and went to summer pre-college art camps but I didn't take any AP classes and do a lot of the things that students getting ready for regular universities do. then suddenly at the end of junior year I changed my mind. so I loaded up on AP's my senior year- Calc AB, AP eng Lang & comp, and AP Bio, but it looks like I'm going to have 3 C's on my senior transcript... do you guys think UMich will revoke my admissions?</p>

<p>ACT comp: 31
GPA: 3.78 until senior year.... lol</p>

essays: pretty good i think. wrote about wanting to pursue career in dermatology because of personal reasons and wanting to help others, another about how i learned not to put all my eggs in one basket and suffered consequences, and then my "culturally enlightening" experience at summer pre college art camp in nyc and how i would strive to bring acceptance and all that good stuff to the campus. pretty cliche topics yeah? haha
recommendations- from pre calc teacher; probably good?
extra curriculars- a handful of art extra's for 2+ hours every week, church volunteer activies for four years, school clubs, cheer freshman year
awards- scholastic art award silver key..lol which i'm not sure had a significant impression on the adcomm.
<em>my first semester grades:</em></p>

<p>bio- C
calc- C
AP lang- A
Brit lit- A*</p>

<p>and second semester:*
bio- C
lang- B
fashion marketing- A*
business law- A</p>

<p>oh and our school has the block schedule so I didn't drop calc ab. but the thing is, I told umich on my app that I was going to take calc BC and world history 2 my second semester, except I switched out of calc bc, and my school got rid of world history 2 and just made it world
history, which I already took, so I switched out of that, too.*</p>

<p>oh and another thing is, some family emergency came up during the summer and I had to start living alone for the entire school year, so idk, would that be a big enough deal to have <em>impacted my grades in any way? your help is



<p>You should probably explain all that stuff about Calc AB/BC and world history to the college and also explain the whole living on your own. I don't think Michigan will rescind for three Cs, as long as they aren't Ds or Fs.</p>