3 F's and 5 W's- any hope for grad school?

Let me begin by explaining that I was an A student all through high school. I took 21 dual credit hours in high school and got A’s too. My senior year, right before coming to college, I experienced some sever mental trauma when I found my little brother dead. I dealt with the normal transition of college life while also having no idea how to deal with severe grief, PTSD, depression, and anxiety. I didn’t know how to get help, and I also had no clue about college itself and W’s staying on your transcript.

I am now a junior in college, and I am doing much better. I got help through therapy and medcation this semester, and this is the first semester since high school that I’ve had all A’s again. I am also working on retaking the classes I got F’s and C’s in. My GPA is slowly recovering, and I plan to and take winter/summer classes to get it even more pristine. I also plan to study my butt of for the GRE. My concern is my transcript though- I know those F’s and W’s won’t disappear. I am majoring in communicative disorders and I so desperately want to go into Speech and Langauge Pathology. I want to be real with myself though, if there is no hope with my record. How will Graduate Schools look at a transcript like mine? Is there any hope?