3 nights, 2 afternoons to cram for APUSH? Help?

<p>I got tonight, tomorrow, and thursday until the test. I haven't done ANY reviewing at all and I have no idea how to approach this without burning myself out. Can anyone give me some insight on what to do, to maximize my score with the little time I have left? I'm planning to take Thursday off of school to cram.</p>

<p>Review videos: YouTube</a> - awaizy's Channel</p>

<p>I was basically in this situation last year. I went through some outlines and read an entire review book. I ended up pulling an all-nighter the night before the APUSH exam, which I definitely don't suggest doing, but ended up with a 5. I would suggest reviewing with an AP review book because it really helped refresh my memory. Don't stress out too much. Good luck!</p>

<p>hopefully you have a prep book, if not go out and buy one ASAP(AMSCO, PR...etc). What you wanna do is try to read the whole prep book either tonight or tomorrow(maybe you should skip tomorrow?) while doing the chapter MC at the end of each section. (Wednesday)After reading through the whole thing do one of the practice exams. Get your score and find out what section you need to reread and go back and read those sections. On thursday i recommend just doing practice MC questions online then in the afternoon time yourself and try to write 2 DBQ to get an actual feel.</p>

<p>plushminkie, which review book did use to get a 5? i know amsco is good, but u couldn't have read 700 pages overnight.</p>

<p>I used an ARCO/Peterson's book. I also had an REA book, which everyone said was amazing, but I found the ARCO book more helpful.</p>

<p>but I should also add that I had an amazing APUSH teacher, so the review books that I used weren't entirely responsible for my score. just don't totally rely on review books and expect to get a 5. once again, good luck to everyone! back to studying for ap calc for me...</p>

<p>or you get extremely sick and take the make-up test. then you'll have 2 more weeks to study! don't believe the people who say that the makeup test is ridiculously harder. i took the makeup one and still got a 5.</p>

<p>^ Yeah, just go out and contract mono and you'll be okay :p</p>

<p>The link that was posted above to the youtube videos have been very useful to me so far. I just wish there were more than those that are on there!</p>

<p>I'm just cramming out of Crash Course these last couple days to ensure that I score over 60 on the real multiple choice (I've gotten 67, 61, 61, 67, respectively on practice tests). For the essays, I'm not doing anything. However, I think Crash Course will help for the essays very much.</p>

<p>I going to cram like Chapter 13-29 (not doing chapter 30) from AMSCO in the next few days before Friday. It seems feasible for me.</p>

<p>Same here ^^^ but I started on Saturday and I'm on chapter 18. I just hope I can retain everything I'm reading....</p>

<p>@jerry: just wondering...why are you skipping chapter 30?</p>

<p>There aren't many questions from the 1980's onwards on the exam itself. AMSCO also says that no essay will deal with this time period exclusively.</p>

<p>i recommend using crashcourse. It's concise and to the point. That book helped me the last minute :)</p>

<p>How long is REA's CrashCourse?</p>

<p>About 200 pages.</p>

<p>How are you guys preparing for FRQs? I'm good at MC because I can easily recognize the right answers, but I'm having trouble coming up with the right details for my FRQs. Would it help to just go through all the FRQs on the Collegeboard site?</p>