3 on APUSH, but A+ in course and 100 on State-wide US History Test..would this hurt?

<p>Hi! I took AP World an AP Euro, and got a 5 on both exams. when I took APUSH, i received a 3. however, i got an A+ as a final grade and 100 on the state-wide test in US History. would this AP grade hurt me?</p>

<p>No. AP tests are just icing on your scholastic cake.</p>

<p>I think it might hurt a little bit. At my school our AP classes are not really geared towards the AP exam but focus more on covering what actually is covered in a college level course. (For example, my Calc II teacher has been teaching us numerous integration techniques we would learn/know in a college Calc II class but not for the BC test.) I know that the average grade in AP US History last year at my school was about a B+, yet we got mostly 5's and a few 4's. (A kid who had a C- got a 3).</p>

<p>Colleges don't require that you send in AP scores, so they wouldn't know you got a 3.</p>

<p>And even if you wanted to send in your AP scores, you can choose to withhold your US Hist score.</p>

<p>Almost no one gives a crap about AP scores.</p>

<p>Most schools don't even ask for them.</p>

<p>^What he says is truth.</p>

<p>Good, cause I got an A and a 2 on it. ^ ^</p>

<p>If you got a 3 and an A+ in an AP course, the college might look upon that as either not studying (if you go to a strong high school) or the class was unfairly easy (if you go to a lesser quality high school). But don't submit it.</p>

<p>too late, all AP scores were sent in to validate what i wrote on the apps =[</p>

<p>It's fine... i wouldn't worry too much about it.</p>

<p>I don't think it is that big of a deal, considering it is only one test, but people who say AP test mean nothing aren't 100% correct. Schools use AP grades to judge how hard a person's class was- high grades should generally yield high AP scores.</p>

<p>You mean difficulty of class yields high AP scores. I got an A and a 2, while others got 4's and 5's but B+s. :)</p>