3 roommates? Didn't see that one coming

<p>So from the thread title, I got my room assignment and wasn’t really hoping for a 3rd roommate. I feel like it’ll be too cramped and just the same size room as a double but just with another person. I happen to be in the sleeper hall of West Campus and from what I’ve read, I think that someone said that each person gets a closet? That doesn’t sound too bad and if that’s the case, the room can’t be too small right? I’m not sure if it’s worth a call to the housing office to see if I can get a double. Correct me if I’m wrong :X Any input or personal experience with three roommates would be great! Thanks a lot :]</p>

<p>I was in a triple in sleeper and liked it ok. I actually have pics of my room before I moved out if you want to pm me. I thought it was decent sized. Each person has a free standing closet that you can move around, a loft bed, and a desk and dresser. I put my desk and dresser under my bed and my closet next to that. I had my own little space.</p>

<p>I was in a triple my freshman year, and really liked it. With randomly grouped people, the slightly larger number helps to moderate any extreme personalities.</p>

<p>Phew that makes me feel alot better. I really didn't want to go through the hassle of calling the office. You also make a very good point fiddlefrog.
-It sounds like you weren't cramped in the least bit BUBailey. Sounds like you had your own little bubble that you could call your own :]
Thanks for all the help guys</p>

<p>Yikes! I was in a triple in west last year and it was terrible. The room was way to small for three people and it's quite narrow. The beds are lofted so you can fit your desk and dresser underneath so I got to stare at the deteriorating ceiling tiles that were about to fall off each night. And there's not even much space if you want to bring extra storage.<br>
Good luck!</p>

<p>hmm. im getting scared now LOL Mixed opinions ahhhhhhhh >_<</p>

<p>Do you mean three roommates or two and yourself. I have THREE roommates, four including myself. Seriously its going to be fricking hard for this to work. I am going to be in Warren Towers. </p>

<p>Any comments on my situation?</p>

<p>yikes. I mean that I have 2 roommates and I would be the third. I can't imagine the situation you're in TheMan777. best of luck =/</p>

<p>i lived in a quad my freshman year in warren and it was just fine. it was kind of a fun adventure trying to figure out how to arrange the furniture to maximize the space (dresser and desk under the loft is the best). you end up hanging in other peoples rooms a lot anyways.</p>

<p>^ same, i lived in a quad my freshman year in warren and it was so much fun! basically you ALWAYS have someone to talk to, and it's pretty much always a party in your room (well, if your roommates are chill, which most ppl are). the bad thing is it's terrible to get work done in a quad - i'd finish up your papers and stuff in the library or the warren study lounges downstairs.</p>

<p>true story. sleeper has a great study lounge. I'd get out of class, take a nap til about 10, and then head down to the study lounge til 3 am. college is weird haha</p>

<p>Does it help if I am in the Engineering quad dorms? I have contacted my roommates - hopefully they will be reasonably studious and not be noisy. Its already hard enough to sleep and I live in the suburbs.</p>

<p>hey theman, my good friend was in the same situation you're in now. He was an engineering major and had a quad on the 9th floor in B Tower freshman year. When he first found out that he would have three roommates, he wasn't very happy......especially with the other 3 being Korean international students lol. But, if you ask him now, he'll tell you what an awesome experience it was. He learned a lot from them (and vice versa) and ended up forming really strong friendships with them. Also, you'll probably spend a lot more time outside of your dorm room than inside of it.</p>

<p>Thanks Mjm1 - that was really comforting to know. I wanted to be rooming with fellow engineers so I could relate, didn't know that I would end up in a quad haha. But I just hope I don't annoy my roomates and vice versa. Hopefully these guys will be my friends like your friend =).</p>

<p>i know some people who liked the west campus triples so much (including myself) that they chose it again for their sophomore year.</p>

<li>the lofted bed sucks, but i think u get more room per person than in a double.</li>
<li>you'll have a huger space in the middle of the room for guests, hanging out, board games, and whatnot.</li>
<li>three people in a room makes for better conversations at night when you're all there. in addition, if you all bond closely together, other floormates will still approach u guys.. whereas if two roommates in a double bond together and are shy, people tend to let them be. (it's sorta like the informal rule at social gatherings: meet people by approaching people standing alone or in groups of 3 or more, never by approaching two people in mid-conversation.)</li>
<li>this is a plus for some people: when friends come over, they automatically sit on your chair or one of your roommates' chair.. not on your lofted bed lol.</li>

<p>i would recommend u move in and see how your room and roommates are. and if u really hate it, then switch. the hassle of switching over the summer isn't worth it, especially when u have no idea how much you'll love or hate your living situation yet.</p>

<p>Thanks for all the help guys. I'm looking forward to BU and will try to keep an open mind!</p>

<p>nathansc: My daughter has been assigned a quad in Claflin Hall (West campus) and my understanding is that she will have a lofted bed. I know this might sound like a petty question, but we're trying to figure out what she should bring - I know it will be really hot the first few weeks and she sleeps with a fan, but a floor fan won't get much air up to a lofted bed - is there a head-board or anything that one of those clip-on fans could be clipped to? And is there any place within arm's reach to put an alarm clock?</p>

<p>Bump! I'm interested in anniemom's question since I too will be in a loft bed!</p>

<p>I was in a Triple with lofted beds and I can say that I really hate lofted beds.</p>

<p>Those things are about 15 feet high, require an excessive amount of energy to climb on, you can't really jump onto it, you really have to use the side steps. The space to the ceiling is really small.</p>

<p>However next to the beds were wardrobes that are about the same height, on it you can place an alarm clock, possibly a small fan, it acts almost like your bed table.</p>

<p>That's reassuring! Thanks JajFling</p>