3 sat2z or ACT on one sitting

<p>i still need this requirement for some of my schools.....if i had to take a test in december....which one should i choose?</p>

<p>That depends... what's your poison? :)
If you take 3 SAT IIs, you're in for three hours of testing. Each test will count by itself, giving you the opportunity to excel in three different subjects. The percentiles for grades on these tests can be harsh because a lot of people take them.
If you take ACTs, you're in for three hours of testing (again). The four tests are averaged together, which means that if you do exceedingly well on one, it will be counterbalanced by the others (this is also good if you don't do well on one). The percentiles on these tests are much more lenient (I got a 32 out of 36 and was in the 99th percentile)</p>

<p>lol, we just did a compare/contrast unit in my advanced composition class... can you tell? Hope this helps a little</p>

<p>Obviously those are the stats...but what do schools want to see? I have always had this prejudice that the ACT is for people that dont "test" as well, thus not bein quite "Ivy league" material.....how often people get into IVY's with just ACT?</p>

<p>Take a practice test for each and see which you do better on. </p>

<p>(I was a little worried about taking 3 SAT II's in one sitting but it went fine.)</p>