3 Steps to Take After the ACT, SAT

"MOST ADVICE ABOUT taking the ACT and SAT instructs students on what to do in the days, weeks and months before the exam. However, the post-test period is also important because it requires specific and time-sensitive action from test-takers. If you have just taken the ACT or SAT or plan to do so, follow these three post-exam steps as soon as possible:

  • Order additional score reports if necessary.
  • Decide whether to submit your scores to test-optional colleges.
  • Review your performance with an eye toward future improvement." ...


I don”t think you need to “Decide whether to submit your scores to test-optional colleges“ as soon as possible. At a minimum, you need to wait weeks to get your scores. Then you have until you submit your college application to make this decision.

I’d say the same for ordering score reports. If you don’t know your score, and might not want to submit them to test optional schools, why would you order score reports immediately?

And I guess I’ll add - how do you review your performance ASAP before getting Answer Service or Question and Answer Service results?

So I don’t think any of these are things to do in the “days after taking college entrance exams”.