3 Time College dropout applying for T30’s?

I’d love some thoughts on my profile and strengths and weaknesses you see. Let me know if you have questions!

Major: Music Business

School list: NYU, USC, UCLA, UMIAMI, CSU Northridge, Berklee, Georgia University, Belmont, LA film, Fordham, New School, Loyola, Howard, Pace


California Resident
Black, white, and Arabian
Adopted, gay, and non binary
Upper Middle Class Family

School Stats:

Private College Prep High school
HS Gpa: 2.9 UW
College GPA: 3.9UW
62 Units by Spring 2023

Other contexts:

Left with a GED junior year of highschool and didn’t go to CC full time until 2 years later. took another year after a completed semester because of Covid.


-Deans List
-Honors Society Member
-Honors society chair of marketing
-VP and president of college literary magazine
-Berklee music business intensive
-Floor staff for one of the biggest concert promoters in the country
-Selective (<20%) 9 month music business program
-Marketing and talent buying internships
-Music blog founder
-Volunteer for non profit music groups
-startup artist development company
-GrammyU member

Letter of Recs from music business program director and from Professor who’s also the advisor for the literary magazine and honors society.

For the UC’s and CSU’s, only your College record will be considered and congratulations on being a competitive applicant. You do not mention Intended major but assuming something related to Music?

CSU Northridge should be a Very Likely school if all transfer requirements are met.

For the UC’s, you can look up the UC Transfer GPA by major information on this link for each campus: Transfers by major | University of California

Best of luck.

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same here, gap year * 3. I think it should be a weakness but hope it won’t hurt a lot. I think your profile is really good – my dream school is NYU too. Good luck :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t term yourself a 3 time college dropout. Not going to college directly after high school is not termed dropping out. And a lot of students took time off during Covid.

It’s looking like you also have a lot of related experience that you’ve been accruing during your time away from school, assuming you want to do something with the music industry. This is not my area of expertise, but hopefully @compmom will chime in as she is very knowledgeable about college music programs.

I also don’t see you as a dropout and you have some good experience in the music business. It’s not as if you have been sitting around on the couch :slight_smile:

There is an excellent music major forum where you might also get some responses.

You have a really good list of schools. Have you researched which ones have auditions for music business majors? I know that Berklee has a non-audition BA Bachelor of Arts in Music Industry Leadership and Innovation | Berklee College of Music

I noted that Belmont has an adult learner degree in music business, which is geared to non-traditional students and is discounted. Some other programs may too.

If you apply to a BA program that does not audition, see if you can submit a music arts supplement with recording/video if relevant, a music resume and letter(s) that you mentioned relevant to music. It is also possible that the letters alone will detail your experiences.

Do you need financial aid?

You might also look at Columbia College Chicago… Music Business Degree Program, Major | Chicago, Illinois (colum.edu)

Music Business (ucdenver.edu)

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