3 @#$% weeks??!?

<p>ok so i got a priortiy app from Tulane. Do they accept rush scores??
How about case?? I called WUSTL and they said, the score on the transcript is fine. how about tulane and case though?? the deadline is nov. 1...and i can't wait 3 weeks for the scores to get there!!</p>


<p>The scores will not take three weeks to get there! Don't rush, it's not necessary. Collegeboard is trying to scare people.</p>

<p>my scores only took about a week to get there.</p>

<p>yeah...but still, will tulane get it by nov. 1 if I request today or tomorrow?? if they don't get the score reports by nov. 1 but they get everything else (i.e. recs, transcript, essay) by the deadline, would i still not be considered???</p>


<p>they should get it in time, if not, they'll just notify you. You won't be thrown out of the applicant pool that easily.</p>