3 year undergrad degree

<p>I am planning on graduation from a large public U in 3 years total with a BS in environmental science, policy, and management. I want to go to law school afterwards and have been interning for an environmental lawyer at a major firm this summer. I am wondering if this is recommended and how my time schedule should shift if this is the case. I am a rising second year student (but have enough credit to be considered a 3rd year). Do I plan on studying for the LSAT in the coming summer and taking it at the beginning of my third year? Do law schools look favorably towards students who graduate in three years? Obviously part of my decision is money related. Law school is expensive, and cutting down on undergrad debt will help. I have a 4.0 GPA after 1 year (taking pre-med weeder classes, 2 semesters of chem, 2 of biology, etc.) and am confident I will graduate with a 3.9+</p>

<p>Hmm...a lot of people accepted to law school actually take time off after graduation before they apply to law school. If I were you, I wouldn't rush it. Sure, graduate in 3 years to lessen UG debt, but take some time off after that to do other things. Law schools find people with experience more appealing than someone fresh out of UG (this is not always true, just generally).
If you still want to apply after you graduate in two years, I'd say start studying spring of this year and take the LSAT in June so that you can apply during your third year.
Best of luck!</p>