3 years at community college, is it unusual?

I’m on my 3rd year of community college while all my friends transferred last fall, which was 2 years for them. I feel like I will be starting university too late, even though I will be 21-22 at the time. Is it unusual for people to be 3 years at community college and start university this late? One thing I am really concerned about is whether I will fit in because of my age.

Yes, you will fit in! My D’s friends are taking 2 to 4 years to transfer from CC. Those taking 4-years are taking under 15 units per semester and working, but are on track to graduate on their personal timeline (of 4-years). My D’s taking 3 years (she could have finished in 2 years but wants to take an additional year of classes that she enjoys and anticipates not being able to take when she transfers). Don’t worry about it, you’ll fit in just fine.

I’ll be 22 by the time classes start if I successfully transfer this fall, although, this is actually my fourth year at CC. My first year when I was 17, I only had the opportunity to take a whopping total of 3 courses over 2 semesters because I couldn’t get financial aid and I couldn’t pay my class fees. The same thing with my second year. In my third year though, I took 45 units after my financial aid finally kicked in. At the CC I went to, my programming teacher actually said that it’s common for students to be there for 6 years before getting a degree or transferring - I thought she was joking, but here I am, so I guess she was right.

I know what you mean though. I used to think that a lot of students graduated at 22, but now it seems like 21 is becoming the average age. I’d be 23 by the time I graduated and it makes me feel pretty crummy at times. I’m sorry I don’t have much to add about fitting in since I haven’t transferred to a uni yet.

Depending on the amount of classes you take I doubt it will be strange. If you are taking a heavy STEM course like Engineering/CompSci you might lack the prereqs needed to complete the degree in 2 years. In addition people who had a very poor HS record may lack general preqreqs like remedial math. I know I had to take a remedial math course because I got a D first semester in my sophomore year of high school despite testing above college alegbra. You will fit in fine as community colleges tend to have a lot of older students as that is partly why they exist.

@fr33me Dont sweat the small stuff, you will fit in and do just fine. 21-22 is still young. People in there 40’s-50’s are starting to go back to school so imagine how they feel lol You have all the time in the world. THere are even plenty of people who are very successful and didnt even finish high school. Keep kicking ass and taking name!

3 years is normal, depending on your major.
Example: I took 4 years with a double major or Physics/Computer Science
but I wasted some time though.
1- BS classes & AA classes
2- Pre Requisites & AA classes
3- Major classes & last of AA classes
4- Major classes

It’s normal to take longer at CC than just 2 years. Think of it this way: you can save money taking more classes at CC! Also 21-22 is still young to start at university.

Don’t get discouraged!

How long will it take you to finish a bachelor’s degree? are you working full time while in CC?

Nowadays, seeing people for 3 years on community college is common, because they got several issues (financially, psychologically, etc.). So, you shall not feel bad about that.