3 years left to go. Advice?

<p>So I'll be starting my sophomore year (10th) in about a month. I obviously haven't taken my PSAT, SATs, ACTs, or SAT subject tests yet. I also haven't had more than a year of classes. This thread is to ask what sorts of things I should look into doing as Harvard doesn't really tend to have a cookie-cutter guaranteed admission qualifications list well apart from those who have presidential dads. xD</p>

<p>Also I go to a block schedule school (keep that in mind for the schedule :)
So far however:</p>

<p>-4.0 unweighted with a schedule of:
-AP Spanish
-Honors Geometry
-Honors English
-Honors Biology
-Spanish 3
- Physical Education
- Anatomy & Physiology @ MVROP (local community college)
Nothing great considering I come from a Californian Public School and I've only completed the 9th grade.</p>

<p>So far I've passed the AP spanish test with a 4 and I don't come from a latin background.</p>

<p>I was recently voted as my Youth&Government Delegation's Treasurer.</p>

<p>At the statewide y&g conference @ the capital (sacramento) I was elected as forum court chief justice there's 9 out of 2800 kids.</p>

<p>This year I'm also founding the first-ever NHS chapter at my high school and I will be president.</p>

<p>I am a writer and producer for my school newspaper.</p>

<p>I am the vice president of the alumni club.</p>

<p>Level 9 certified pianist</p>

<p>I was admitted to the National Technical Honor Society through MVROP.</p>

<p>I am a gate identified student.</p>

<p>Was admitted into a college business class meant for 11th and 12th graders, taking it this fall.</p>

<p>Was a SURF district representative leader.</p>

<h2>Worked for the Indian Red Cross Society this summer.</h2>

<p>For the future (nothing's set in stone):</p>

<p>I plan to:</p>

<li>become editor-in-chief of my school newspaper.</li>

<p>-become vice president of my youth and government delegation</p>

<p>-join DECA (coming back to my school this fall!)</p>

<li>become president of the alumni club</li>

<p>-take AP: chemisty, physics, ab calc, bc calc, stats, econ&gov, us history, world history, biology, ap english language, ap english literature, and honors pre-calc, honors chem, honors world history (not that much choice in my school)</p>

<p>-get my black belt next year (already spoken to my sensei :)</p>

<p>-work at the indian red cross society again</p>

<p>-join HOSA</p>

<p>-ASB secretary (student body)</p>

<p>-become a medical explorer for my local hospital as well as a volunteer for when I'm 16.</p>


<p>I know I have 3 years left, and many people tell me not to worry.
I know these things aren't set in stone, but everything listed above is very realistic in the sense that I have some kind of proof or means of getting there. Considering all above goes as planned does anyone have any advice for me of things i should maybe doing in addition or things i should cutback on? things i should look into? I've been reading most of yours' advice for years and now I finally get to ask a question.</p>

<p>I' a bit confused. How can you take Spanish 3 and A.P. Spanish? A large portion of the A.P. Exam focuses on fluency and knowledge of the Spanish culture; something that takes time. Not only that, if you don't get a 5 on the exam you'll have to take the Harvard Placement Test two year later to opt out.</p>

<p>Other than that, that's a pretty stellar schedule and I'm a bit jealous :P</p>

<p>My school has a 4x4 block schedule so we take 4 classes first term and 4 second term. And being a freshman I was pretty happy getting a 4. I don't really mind having to take language in college as I want to take Latin anyways (my school doesn't offer it).</p>

<p>And thanks i opted for the hardest schedule i could and it wasnt that bad honestly. xD</p>