30 Rock

<p>What do you think of 30 Rock and Liz Lemon?</p>

<p>I love this show.</p>

<p>This show is the best.</p>

<p>Me too! I don't like Jenna, but I think Jack is brilliantly funny. I wanted him to end up with Nancy. The best part of 30 rock is the political jokes.
Jack: I'm going to a party hosted by John McCain and Jack Bauer.
Lemon: Is he real?
Jack: I assure you, Lemon, John McCain is quite real.</p>

<p>How do you Liz and Carol will end up? Will Liz ever get her baby?</p>

<p>Awesome show! Can't wait for it to come back this fall!</p>

<p>I can't believe we're already to season 5. I hope it lasts a long time.</p>

<p>Wonderful show. Doesn't get the amount of attention it deserves.</p>

<p>Jack: Lemon, I'm impressed. You're beginning to think like a businessman.
Liz: A businesswoman.
Jack: I don't think that's a word.</p>

<p>Love that quote, too!</p>

<p>It gets a fair amount of attention where I'm from...</p>

<p>It's pure brilliance.
I love Tracy.</p>

<p>It's my favorite show that's currently on television. Liz Lemon/Tina Fey is amazing.</p>

<p>"Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! Aack!"</p>



<p>Hmph you're lucky everyone in my town watches Glee.</p>

<p>30 Rock is awesome! I wish more people I knew watched it :&lt;/p>

<p>Jane Krakowski is amazing. I love her so much. Season 4 wasn't the best, however..</p>

<p>Not a TON of people watch 30 Rock, but definitely relatively popular. I unfortunately am in your situation: the whole town is obsessed with Glee.</p>

<p>Season 2 was my favorite - but I loved "Believe in the Stars" as well as "Do Over" in season 3. This year's finale, "I Do, I Do" was fantastic as well. I'm a bit bored of them bashing Liz's love life, though.</p>

<p>As far as NBC comedies go, I like 30 Rock, but Community is my favorite.</p>

<p>^ ¿Dónde está la biblioteca?</p>

<p>Thursday night NBC is totally awesome. all 4 shows rock but parks & recreation is my least favorite</p>

<p>I like 30 Rock, the Office, and Parks and Rec (just a bit though, find it repetitive.) I dislike Community.</p>

<p>^^^ Haha, Senor Chang. Ken Jeong is great in that role, and as the Asian guy from The Hangover.</p>

<p>30 Rock is going live!
'30</a> Rock' live episode: Best idea yet? | EW.com</p>