3000+ Level Electives?

<p>Well this is a change from the admissions threads at least ;-P Anyone know of any interesting but mostly easy 3000 level or higher electives? SDS3452 (Stress/Anxiety Management) is out (already taken), as are Ancient Egypt (CLA3160) and History of Jazz (MUH4016) because they're not offered in the fall. </p>


<p>URP3001 and EEX3312</p>

<p>If you go to the registrar's website you can find the course descriptions. This won't really help with finding easy courses, but if you take any history course in the 3000 level, it will be easy. UF makes it's "weed-out" history classes in the 2000 level, so take a 3000 level and its cake.</p>

Medical Sociology</p>

<p>straightfoward, pretty interesting material.
3 exams but plenty of extra credit is offered. Also, have the opportunity of completing an annotated bibliography to replace a low grade on an exam.</p>

<p>Yeah I need to find some more courses for the upcoming fall semester</p>