306(161Q, 145V). Should I retake the GRE?

<p>Hello everyone,
I got 306(161Q, 145V) on the GRE. I'm applying for MS in Electrical Engg. taget schools are USC, UMCP(ENTS), Colorado Boulder (ITP), UC SD, ASU.
I got decent exp and profile. Im applying for fall 2014. I got rejected for fall 2013 already (applied very late just 2 days before deadline and irrelevant exp) but now I have relevant work exp.
Do i need to retake the GRE?
Plz help</p>

<p>Well that depends. What are the average GRE scores of your target colleges? If your scores are not on par with (or preferably above) the average scores of your program, you may want to consider a retake. I personally suggest a retake though, if just to get your verbal up to the 150s. Your quant score is not weak by any means, but if you think you can improve it to at least 164, your quant score shouldn’t get in your way at all.</p>

<p>Below is my profile and the colleges I’ve shortlisted.
Plz check.</p>

<p>Work ex

  1. 8 months as game developer in mobile gaming company
  2. then as individual game developer (sole artist, designer and programmer) and published 2 games under own name for iPhone.
  3. Since Jan 2013 - Present, working as a Network Engineer.
    Pursuing CCNA.</p>

<p>Colleges shortlisted</p>

<p>NYU Poly
North Carolina State Univ
Univ of Southern California
Univ of California Irvine
Arizona State Univ
Univ of Florida, gainesville
Univ of Massachusetts, Amherst
Univ of Maryland, college park - ENTS
COLORADO at boulder - ITP
Carnegie Mellon Univ
Univ of Pennsylvania (UPenn)
Ohio State Univ, Columbus
Northeastern Univ
Northwestern Univ</p>

<p>Get in touch with the college adcoms / have a look at their websites and gather information on their historical class profiles. You will get the answer to your question.</p>