32 Composite on ACT for Ivies?

<p>My son scored a 32 composite on the ACT w/writing w/o much if any prep work in March. He's subsequently decided he might like to look at Ivies and equivalents as an alternative to Michigan. 3.9 gpa in honors/AP level classes. How hard should I push him to retake?</p>

<p>E: 33

<p>Unless your son is a recruited athlete, or has some other hook, his chances of acceptance at an Ivy will be enhanced with a higher ACT score. Although a 32 falls within the range of every Ivy, statistically, in 2009, 23,703 kids had a higher ACT score than your son. See page 12:<a href="http://www.act.org/news/data/09/pdf/National2009.pdf%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.act.org/news/data/09/pdf/National2009.pdf&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>thanks gibby - i guess it's either suggest he retake or convince 23K students not to apply!</p>

<p>I've always heard you need 34+ for Ivies and other highly selective schools, such as Duke.</p>

<p>Be careful about the word "push". Your son needs to decide if he is indeed interested in more selective schools. If he is, the consequence is that he will need to try to raise his score to increase his chances. I agree that most unhooked students need to be closer to a 34+. With some timed practice on the science section, I think your student may be able to increase their composite. The science section is about reading and interpreting graphs under time pressure. Some at home practice with the red Real ACT book and a stopwatch could be helpful before the June test. If your student is burned out from Junior year and testing, a 32 is a fine score, but makes Ivy caliber schools a long shot. With a 34+ they are still a long shot for any student, but at least you are in better range. I think the real decision lies with your son after you explain the reality of the situation.</p>

<p>"Push" was the wrong choice of words as we certainly are thrilled with his score, grades, attitude, etc. The Ivies are a recent thought for him as he's always been a Michigan fan and enjoys our visits there, but I think he's been thinking a bit more about expanding his options, hence the inquiry about where the 32 might fall.</p>

<p>ACT lower than 34 is risky for all top schools whether they belong to that northeastern athletic conference or not.</p>

<p>w/o prep is pretty good, i definitely recommend trying to push it up to a 33+, a 34+ would guarantee a good chance but if u really want to go to a selective school, its would be hard to compete with just a 32, definitely prep up and your son may be well better off trying to take it if he did infact study.</p>

<p>but if he feels confident he can get a higher score the next time, then he can take it again w/o ne prep. most students who take it again do better neways.</p>

<p>You would need an ACT a little higher than that to be competitive for the Ivy League.</p>