34 (Practice Test) to 36 in English by September 6th?

<p>How can I go from a 34 in English to a 36 by September 10th. I've been wearing Barron's and practice tests out, but I've yet to hit a perfect score. No one in my school has a 36 in anything. The highest is a 34 in English (and it's not me). </p>

<p>English is the ONLY test I have hope for. Right now my scores from the last ACT and practice tests are hovering around:</p>

<p>Reading - 25
Math - 22
Science - 26</p>

<p>complete full practice tests, and aim for 28+ in everything. It's in range for you if you put in the work, a 36 on english is all good and nice, but with low scores in the other 3 categories your score won't reflect it. </p>

<p>Take plenty of tests, and save the actual ACT tests used in past years for when you're all prepared so they don't go to waste. Practice makes perfect, here's 1 test I picked up from CC, <a href="http://www.act.org/aap/pdf/preparing.pdf%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.act.org/aap/pdf/preparing.pdf&lt;/a> .
I know books can get expensive so getting them from the library may be a good idea, i've already gotten 3 from there.</p>

<p>best advice is obviously to take plenty of tests and when you get something wrong, review your mistake. Taking 5+ tests should cover most of the scenarios and prepare you for the real deal, good luck.</p>

<p>(I'm currently preparing for the ACT in Sept and October. Got a 24 with little prep and the prep i did was for the SAT. Took it a year ago, but since i'm a 4.4gpa student at a rigorous priv high school in california, I know I can do MUCH better.)
got a 29 on my first test yesterday, 29 in eng 32 sci. almost done with my 2nd test, taking a break, and i have a 29 in math and eng so far.</p>

<p>GL and don't just focus on english, there are 3 other categories that are combined, obviously, and all are equally important.
<em>a 26 overall with a 36 in english is DEFINITELY not as impressive as a 30 overall with a 33 or something</em></p>

<p>I was averaging a 32-33 on practice English tests and ended up with a 35 on the real thing so anything is possible.</p>

<p>don't just focus on English it doesn't look good when u have such a high score in one subject and low in the other 3. it depends hat u want to go in but a 36 in English and those 3 other scores u mentioned will bring u significanly down try and work on those other 3 since u have. 34 in English u don't have to get a 36 just cause you'll be the first at ur school. who cares? it only matters if u get into the colleges u wish.</p>

<p>Please keep this in mind. The way you ask the question makes it seem like there is a surefire method to getting a 36. That is not true. Even someone with the most effective and efficient study schedule is not "guaranteed" to get a 36. With a 34, you demonstrate that you have all the knowledge/skills/etc to get a 36; it's just some fine nuances or wavering concentration for even a moment that prevent you from getting a 36. Honestly, it's just luck and intense concentration at your level. Good luck with your English!</p>

<p>The difference between a 34 and a 36 is probably one or two right answers</p>

<p>that is not something you can study for.</p>

<p>Math is the one thing you can study for.</p>

<p>Brush up on all your basic math. Do a million math practice tests.</p>

<p>You should be doing a lot better than a 22, if you got a 34 in English.</p>

<p>If it is any solace, my son raised his ACT from a 31 to a 34, with zero study.</p>

<p>I agree with the other posters that you have it backwards. You should not be trying to get a perfect 36 in English. Almost no one gets a 36, even super humans.</p>

<p>Your math score is your weak point. Concentrate on that.</p>

<p>I agree with floridadad.</p>

<p>There's not point in trying to bring up your English score to a 36; it's not going to matter at all if your other scores stay where they are right now. In fact, I don't even know why you're so concerned about it. Elite schools all know that the difference between a 34, 35, and 36 is just a few more questions right or wrong, and they will take that into account. Is it for bragging rights? Not trying to sound rude, but those will be immediately lost once someone asks you your composite score or other subject test scores.</p>

<p>Take floridadad's advice: STUDY FOR MATH. Math is virtually the only subject on the ACT for which you can study. You've done enough with English; if you're lucky, you might get that 36. If not, it doesn't matter, a 34 is a fine score. Drill those math problems and read a lot to become a quicker analyst for the reading and science sections.</p>

<p>It's not that hard. I went from a 24 in English to a 35 within 3 months. So it's not that bad. You will be fine</p>