36 ACT and 1550 SAT - Submit both?

I have a 36 ACT and a 1550 SAT - should I send both to selective colleges? Will the 1550 bring me down? I know it’s a good score but I’m wondering if it will take away from the 36 ACT or if it shows consistency in testing. I appreciate your advice in advance!

I would send both. Anything that’s that good should be shared.

@AnnaPD IMO, it’s unnecessary to send both. I don’t think the SAT adds anything that the ACT doesn’t already show. I suspect that you probably have other indicators of excellence, like high GPA or AP/IB scores that will complement that 36 ACT. Best of luck!

Send both as some schools would like the opportunity to include one of your high scores on its US News submission.

You can send both if it makes you feel good, but it won’t have any impact on the admissions process. There are no bonuses for having similar scores on both tests over just one.

IIRC the SAT-ACT conversion table states that a 36 is a 1590 on the SAT, while a 1550 on the SAT is a 35 on the ACT. Thus, 36 ACT > 1550 SAT, so only submit your ACT score, unless you’re applying to a school (like Georgetown, the UCs etc.) that doesn’t allow score-choice for the SAT.

Hope that helps! Good luck with admissions!

We asked the same question of our testing/college counselor. She said submit both. While it will not increase your chance of admission, it allows the school to use your score(s) to their own advantage when it comes to publishing averages and percentiles.