3N vs U-Hall

<p>Early decision kids get to apply for housing this week, and I've pretty much decided on apartment style. So what are y'alls opinions between Third North and U-Hall? I'm leaning toward U-Hall as of now because it's newer and junk, but I really have no clue.</p>

<p>UHall is also right next to Palladium, the gym. Palladium has a nice dining hall and UHall has a new cafe/eating place. I'd go with UHall.</p>

<p>3N has a deli on the first floor of the building that does not card...</p>

<p>pretty convenient if you ask me.</p>

<p>Third North has free printing and a dining hall (but don't base your decision on the dining hall...it's gross). U-Hall is on the same block as Palladium, which has everything. The only thing is that U-Hall might be a little less social than Third North. My vote would go to U-Hall (I live in Hayden, by the way, so I'm unbiased).</p>

<p>For free printing, wasserman career center has a printer as well, and that's located in uhall!</p>

<p>Wasserman Center is in the backdoor to Palladium, not UHall.</p>

<p>I heard that U-Hall is farther away from "campus" than 3N is.. so is distance from campus a problem for U-Hallers? And which one is in a better downtown area (as in shops, bars, clubs etc.)? Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>Well, U-Hall is literally about a 5 minute walk away from Third North, so that distance, to me, is negligible. Both are in the same general Union Square area (though U-Hall is closer to actual Union Square than Third North is) and both are in the same general range of restaurants and stuff. It all depends, really, on what you're looking for in a dorm. 3N has a lot of conveniences, but U-Hall does as well (via Palladium next door). 3N I think is a bit more social than U-Hall (because 3N is the largest freshman dorm in the US). But U-Hall is newer and nicer than 3N (although all of U-Hall's rooms sort of have a sterile feel, but that can be covered by decorations and stuff). I'd still go with U-Hall though.</p>